Paybotic’s team takes a proactive approach to understand where your business has been and what needs to be done in order to provide a frictionless payment solution. With customer service being the focus of our values, we understand the interaction time between your customers whether retail or eCommerce is very important.

In a market filled with fly by night providers it is hard if put your business in the hands of a provider that is here today and gone tomorrow. Paybotic’s team maintains its value of being an industry thought leader by always remaining up-to-date news and trends to provide you with compliant and stable processing methods. Our merchants have been processing with our solutions for more than 7 years without the worry of losing their customer base due to downtime on a solution; or better yet ending up on the TMF or MATCH list.

Every merchant within our industry is unique in their own way. While most startups may have the capital and processing history to meet sponsor bank requirements others may not. We have created a payment plan that meets your goals whether you are interested in a domestic or international processing solution. As the political climate shifts during the coming months we keep your company’s interest at heart. Our team has partnered with banks to ensure your accounts are not miscoded and the products you sell are known throughout the underwriting process. Should you have the need for strictly B2B commerce we have a solution that allows you to email invoice your customer base and accept payments over the phone.

True bank accounts are hard to come by in our industry when your worried about not disclosing the nature of your business to the bank. Most providers state that they have a banking solution but in actuality are providing a virtual solution or e-wallet through third parties. Paybotic has partnered with local banks in your area to provide checking accounts for electronic and cash deposits whether you are a Dispensary, CBD merchant, Ancillary, or MRB.

Payment Processing for Cannabis Businesses

Payment processing for the legal cannabis industry is changing so rapidly. Work-around solutions for merchants in this industry come and go, also rapidly. Paybotic has a long history of handling high risk merchants as well as the right expertise and professionals that have successfully been able to assist merchants of different cannabis and related verticals to transact electronically with their customers in the most cost-effective, compliant, and secured manner. Paybotic has continuously sought for alternative solutions to address the payment needs of merchants in this dynamic industry. Currently, we offer a number of solid payment solutions tailored to these types of merchants:


“Paybotic is a team of professionals that are very knowledgeable and experienced in navigating both the payment and cannabis industries. Max, Eveline, and their support team are reliable and always available when we need assistance. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone in search of an exceptional payment provider.”

Josh Ginsberg – CEO, Native Roots Dispensary

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