Why CBD is no longer allowed in food for California!

July 31, 2018

Earlier in the month, the California Department of Public Health’s Food and Drug Branch had issued a revised FAQ on CBD in food products. It has reaffirmed that CBD cannot be added to food, even if it comes from hemp. The Food and Drug Branch, which regulates human and pet foods,  made the announcement July[...]

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The Veterans Affairs Medical Cannabis Research Act of 2018.

July 30, 2018

With the legalization of the medical marijuana in various states, the veteran community has urged the Department of Veterans Affairs to reconsider its’ policies on medical cannabis. The Department has overlooked the need to research medicinal marijuana for veterans suffering from diagnoses including PTSD and chronic pain. Federal regulations, federal funding, bureaucratic red tape, onerous[...]

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Medical Marijuana Payment Processing | New Ally For Marijuana Banking

July 26, 2018

While the federal government is showing no signs of working with the legal marijuana industry, some states and individual banks have been doing it anyway. Recently the medical marijuana payment processing industry got a new ally, and it’s a pretty big one. New York state’s top financial officials have joined many in the private sector[...]

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California Cannabis Crisis

July 24, 2018

Six months after recreational marijuana became legal in California, consumers and the cannabis industry is complaining about steep prices, high taxes and a scarcity of licensed shops. This has not happened overnight. With the legalization of the sale of recreational cannabis in licensed stores, there was a need for testing standards for commercial weed for[...]

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What does IRC 280E and Farm Bill have for Industrial Hemp?

July 24, 2018

According to the Court’s ruling in Hemp Industries Assn. vs. U.S. Drug Enforcement Admin. case; expenses incurred through an activity conducted strictly within the parameters of the Farm Bill are not subject to IRC 280E. First, let’s understand 280E. IRC 280E applies to activities enlisted under schedule I and schedule II of Controlled Substances Act.[...]

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Federal Reserve Chief signals

July 19, 2018

Federal Reserve Chief signals: Federally Chartered Banks won’t take Cannabis money until Federal guidance comes “This is a very difficult area, because many state laws permit the use of marijuana and federal law still doesn’t,” Fed chief, Jerome Powell said at a press conference. “So it puts federally chartered banks in a very difficult situation.”[...]

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Merchant Accounts ease the services of Medical Marijuana Caregivers

July 17, 2018

The Marijuana industry is witnessing a never-ending struggle in the United States of America. For a long period of time, voters have been trying to make the consumption and selling of Marijuana legal. However, it seems a little difficult in today’s situation. On the other, while the world is in favour of Marijuana legalisation it[...]

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Maine MMJ Dispensary Processing

July 16, 2018

Paybotic now offers credit card processing to MAINE retail dispensaries. We can help your dispensary start accepting payments ASAP. Give us a call (844) 420-4729. If you require payment processing for your Maine dispensary, trusted services offered through Paybotic can make this a reality. We are the premier cannabis merchant service provider in Maine. Maine[...]

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CBD Hemp – Credit Card Payment Processing

July 13, 2018

Cannabidiol oil is a by product of cannabis plant, it is also known as hemp or cannabis oil. It is gaining popularity in the United States for its medical applications. Not only the medical properties but the ability to use the product and not have any psychogenic side effects. Need for CBD Credit Card Processing[...]

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Electronic Checks (E-Check) – What and How?

July 11, 2018

Payment processing for your business should not be a stressful process. When it comes to researching solutions, completing applications, and waiting on approval we know what it takes to provide you solutions that fit your business needs. At Paybotic we have vetted every solution to provide you stable processing for your B2B and B2C needs.[...]

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