Michigan Court shows sympathy towards Cannabis Medical Dispensaries, blocks shutting down 98-dispensaries

September 27, 2018

Michigan court has again softened the licensing dates for Medical Cannabis Dispensaries. According to the state law, the dispensaries that did not present submit their proper documents or license within the time will have to shut down. However, the Michigan court has stopped the state from closing down the dispensaries by extending the last date[...]

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Marijuana Industry will witness $25 Billion Growth by 2025 in USA

September 25, 2018

Despite not being legalized by Federal Law, the Marijuana industry has shown a massive growth in large parts of the United States of America. In the current financial year, the study shows the Marijuana Industry is growing at a compound rate recorded at more than 14% yearly. In this way, by the year 2025, the[...]

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Coca-Cola is all set to line CBD functional wellness beverage in USA

September 24, 2018

After the medical industry, now beverage industry is keeping an eye on non-psychoactive CBD components in the United States of America. As Canada has legalized Cannabis and recreational marijuana, the beverage companies like Coca-cola is considering CBD in functional wellness beverage. In recent times it has been seen that people stopped consuming cold beverages like[...]

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After Cannabis, Psilocybin is under trial for medical usage

September 20, 2018

The medical industry in the United States will soon get another medicine namely Psilocybin on trial basis. Like Cannabis, Psilocybin is considered as a Schedule 1 medicine in the medical industry. Before psilocybin came into the fame, it was considered by the Federal Law that it has minimum medical use and high potential for abuse.[...]

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Motor Carrier Permit for Cannabis Transportation in California

September 18, 2018

Having illegal marijuana trading in many parts of the United States, California has made some new policies for the transportation of cannabis from one place to another. Recently, the California Department of Motor Vehicle has stated that any motor vehicle that transports commercial cannabis will have to obtain the Motor Carrier Permit to run from[...]

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Arizona Court has prohibited cannabis extract for medical purposes: CBD Oil

September 17, 2018

Cannabis does not leave any stone unturned when it comes to making the news in the United States. This time it is the Arizona court that has prohibited cannabis oil consumption in the state. A few years back a man got arrested for buying CBD oil from a registered dispensary. The consumer is said to[...]

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Software update prevented sales for dispensaries in Pennsylvannia

September 13, 2018

Pennsylvania has witnessed some great trouble while selling MMJ in the past weeks. MJ Freeway Seed-to-Sale Tracking System suddenly crashed down that caused downfall of sales of the MMJ in some of the leading store in Pennsylvania. As per the reports published in MJBizDaily, the MJ Freeway Seed-to-Sale software has gone slow suddenly in the[...]

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Over 800 companies applied for Oklahoma’s Medical Marijuana Launch

September 11, 2018

Oklahoma is having a great response to their Medical Marijuana Launch. Back in June, a general voting was organized in Oklahoma to get an idea whether Marijuana in the medical industry will get legalized or not. People came up and cast their votes in support of medical marijuana launch in the state. According to the[...]

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Environmental Regulations for marijuana growers: Problems & Solutions

September 10, 2018

Hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent on marijuana cultivation merchants complying with environmental regulations. It adds to high cost and compliance problems for the growers. Let’s look into what makes up the cost and how it can be reduced. What are the environmental challenges as a result of cannabis cultivation? Cannabis is fast becoming[...]

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Is the UN looking into Marijuana a good thing?

September 6, 2018

When it comes to Cannabidiol (CBD), the US Federal Law is still reluctant. Many experts state that prohibition on cannabis should be removed by Federal Law. Unfortunately, federal law has not shown any plans to execute an amendment to remove cannabis prohibition in the United States. However, many countries like Canada have legalized cannabis even[...]

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