Nevada Issued 61 Additional Licenses for Recreational Marijuana

December 31, 2018

Nevada state government has issued 61 licenses for cannabis stores open and operate within the state. There are already a number of retail stores in Nevada, with these 61 additional stores the number has doubled. It is an appreciation for the cannabis market as the industry is growing with each passing moment. However, not everyone[...]

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South Korea Legislature Passes Medical Cannabis Bill: First Nation in East Asia to do so

December 21, 2018

South Korea legislature has passed the Medical Cannabis Law for the first time on 23rd November 2018. This is the first ever nation to pass a cannabis bill in the East Asian region. The law, though, is still not passed, however, the bill has been passed and approved by the National Assembly of the country[...]

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Verda Bio, A Washington Based Company Was Awarded the first ever cannabis research license in Washington

December 21, 2018

Cannabis is slowly making its way to be legalized and becoming a regularly farmed in the United States. Recently Washington has given license for the research on cannabis plant and its unidentified elements. This has left laboratories happy as more of the information regarding the use of cannabis will be brought to light.. As the[...]

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Farm Bill Ignites Market for CBD, Other Hemp Products

December 19, 2018

Washington has lit a fire under the market for hemp products. A bill signed by the President on December 20th includes provisions that delete hemp from the federal list of Schedule 1 drugs under the Controlled Substances Act of 1970. Legislation freeing hemp products from the confines of federal drug laws is long overdue. A[...]

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CBD Beverage maker New Age is all set for expansion outside United States

December 18, 2018

A Denver company will soon purchase Utah Beverage Company to increase the sale of CBD infused drinks across the world. The company will spend $85M on this purchase, as per reports. New Age Beverage Corporation will soon acquire a private company Morinda Holdings of Provo, Utah by spending $85M. The main agenda of purchasing the[...]

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