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Arizona Cannabis Payment Processing Solutions

Contact Paybotic today for more information on how our services can meet the payment processing needs of your Arizona cannabusiness—or click the button below to learn more about cannabis law in The Grand Canyon State.


“I’m so happy to submit this testimonial for the excellent services you and your company have provided for Botanica over the years.

As a manager at a cannabis business, issues surrounding legal payment arise more often than we would wish. These problems can be numerous and complex. You, Aditya, and Paybotic have assisted with simple resolutions and guidance at every stage of our company’s growth. Whether I need help trouble-shooting a terminal, replacing a part, changing a fee policy or analyzing data, someone is always available and happy to help. The process is so efficient as to exceed my expectations. We always receive payment on time and are always promptly notified of issues or delays. Even our rebates come in a timely manner and the reporting is accurate and easily accessible. I’m so grateful to partner with Paybotic because your team takes the worry and complexity out of accepting debit payments as a cannabis company.

Again, happy 2022! We’re so excited to partner with you for more amazing progress in the future.”

“Shout out to Ruben and Aditya, they are always available and provide stellar customer service. Thank you!”

“Top tier customer service that goes the extra mile. Robert and his team are always prompt in communication, we’re never left hanging. We recommend Paybotic for all your payment processing needs. Keep up the great work!”


Arkansas Cannabis Payment Processing Solutions

Contact Paybotic today for more information on how our services can meet the payment processing needs of your Arkansas cannabusiness.

“Paybotic has a great support staff that offers impeccable customer service. Each time we’ve had an issue they’ve been accessible and have taken immediate action, whether it be a simple fix or a device replacement. They have simplified our debit card processing. The debit processors are fast, reliable, and fund the next day.”


California Cannabis Payment Processing Solutions

Contact Paybotic today for more information on how our services can meet the payment processing needs of your California cannabusiness—or click the button below to learn more about cannabis law in The Golden State.

“Paybotic provides top-notch customer service. We appreciate that when we call their support number, we reach a real person immediately without having to navigate through a call menu. The Support person is familiar with our account and can quickly get us to a solution and resolve the issue. Their devices are very reliable. They have a very quick and reliable device replacement program with an emphasis on getting us replacements quickly; they don’t waste time on ‘administrative’ or ‘back office’ details.

Paybotic next-day payment and funding are reliable and unique; no one else in the industry offers these the way they do. They also have easy-to-use reporting that contains the details we need to reconcile daily.”

“There are several companies that provide debit card processing for cannabis businesses. Paybotic has been by far the best to deal with. Aditya in particular has been incredibly friendly, professional, helpful, and conscientious. For example, on occasion, a terminal will stop working. Aditya will either promptly replace the defective terminal or spend as much time as it takes on the phone to get it working again.

Funds are consistently deposited into our bank account the next day. We have never had a deposit go missing.

The service requires that the customer enter their PIN and therefore chargebacks are a non-issue.

The web portal allows for full transparency of what transactions were processed.

Don’t waste time dealing with any of the other processors. Paybotic does the job reliably and professionally.”

“Paybotic has been reliable since day one! The customer service and attentiveness from Aditya have been second to none from my experience when dealing with cannabis industry-related companies. Paybotic devices have been super reliable and on the one-off chance that there is an issue, they are quick to send a return label and send off new terminals to replace the malfunctioning ones. With their next-day payment deposit and reliable process of funding the bank account, we have a seamless operation without a gap in our funding. We couldn’t be happier to build the base of our business from a customer interaction side with them and look forward to a continued long-term partnership with them.”

“I’d like to thank you for your continued excellence in customer service! It is an amazing experience to have technical support almost immediately when needed. I can call or email no matter the time or day and get assistance. I’ve had numerous issues with banking and you guys always help me get through it with little to no delays. It’s a breath of fresh air working with your team. Your machines have been great as well, occasionally they need a restart just like my phone but that’s the only issue I have had with them. Thank you for all your support.”

“Max and team were amazing partners in helping us find a new processing solution. Like many CBD companies, we have lost processing on multiple occasions and were forced into higher risk solutions. Paybotic worked with us to find a long-term solution, with a credible history and high level of service. Thank you Paybotic!”


Colorado Cannabis Payment Processing Solutions

Contact Paybotic today for more information on how our services can meet the payment processing needs of your Colorado cannabusiness—or click the button below to learn more about cannabis law in The Centennial State.

“High West Cannabis has been utilizing Paybotic as its payment processing solutions provider for the past 4 1/2 years. There are several reasons why we have remained a loyal customer:
1) Customer Service – I have a phone number to a “live person” who actually answers the call. And, they have always been able to diagnose the problem and offer solutions.
2) In that 4.5 years, the reliability has been —— 99% (approximately). And half of that “down” time was due to some IT issue on our end.
3) When equipment has “failed”, Paybotic has overnighted replacements.
4) The “next day” payment has made a world of difference in managing cash flow issues. Can’t imagine waiting “3 days” for our money like some companies propose.
5) And last, the portal to track the transactions has come in very “handy” – i.e. A customer has said that a transaction has been processed by their bank but the receipt indicates a “decline”. It’s an easy verification method to check if it has actually been approved.

I trust you can grasp the various reasons why High West Cannabis has stayed with Paybotic for many years.”

“After wasting time and money with other debit card companies, I finally tried Paybotic. Their team quickly got me setup and I have enjoyed seamless transactions without downtime ever since.”

“IPN is a team of professionals that are very knowledgeable and experienced in navigating both the payment and cannabis industries. Max, Eveline, and their support team are reliable and always available when we need assistance. I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone in search of an exceptional payment provider.”


Illinois Cannabis Payment Processing Solutions

If you are in immediate need of payment processing assistance for your Illinois cannabusiness, contact Paybotic today to learn more about how we can help, or click the button below for more information as it applies to Illinois.

“My overall experience with Paybotic as a debit solution for our business has been fantastic. My biggest concern before implementing these machines was how difficult it was going to be to troubleshoot errors. The machines themselves make it easy for our employees to limit errors on the spot. If we do encounter a discrepancy, the reporting and online portal make it easy for our management team to find and fix the error quickly. I am also always satisfied whenever we need live phone support. I have never encountered an issue that couldn’t be resolved over the phone by one of their customer service reps. I am happy we went with Paybotic!”


Maryland Cannabis Payment Processing Solutions

Does your Maryland cannabusiness have immediate payment processing needs? Contact Paybotic today for more information or click the button below to learn more about Maryland cannabis law.

“The Paybotic chip reader terminal has helped streamline operations at our dispensary by providing a shorter wait time for connectivity and receipts. Customers at Herbiculture have appreciated the chip feature in addition to the traditional swipe feature, as it provides an extra sense of security. So far, we’ve yet to face any major complaints from customers and the payment process has been smooth. Overall, the system is working well!”


Massachusetts Cannabis Payment Processing Solutions

Contact Paybotic today for more information on how our services can meet the payment processing needs of your Massachusetts cannabusiness—or click the button below to learn more about cannabis law in The Bay State.

The Vault

“From the beginning of discussions with Paybotic through implementation and continuing operations it has been a great experience. I was contacted by Eric from the sales team and he made a convincing argument to have us switch from another provider to Paybotic for our Point of Banking systems. From the start Eric was clear about what they could provide and gave an accurate and detailed quote for everything. Implementation was a breeze. A gentleman named Aditya called me and we walked through the process in about 15 minutes and I was then able to get all eight POS terminals up and running with no issues. It has been over six months and we haven’t had any issues with the equipment or the service. I have had occasion to call with questions and they all get answered efficiently and to my satisfaction. We receive our bank funding accurately and reliably. We have full access to reporting through their handy portal.

Paybotic is turning out to be a strategic partnership for our business and we look forward to taking advantage of a few other offerings in the near future. I recommend them highly.”


“Paybotic has been the most seamless and friendly debit option that I have had the pleasure to work with. Issues with the devices or reporting are handled in real time via their network of customer service representatives that have always been available when we needed them. The devices are reliable and have connection fail safes should your business go through some major drop in internet connectivity. I love that they offer mobile and wired terminal devices for many different use cases, and when a device malfunctions or does not operate correctly, the replacements are received in no more than 48 hours. Other operators will usually have you call and then have a report emailed to you to troubleshoot, but with Paybotic you get access to a representative and a central dashboard to track all of your debit terminals and track revenue through that. Overall, Paybotic has been a great partner to have as a debit or cashless solution, and I wouldn’t want to shop for another vendor from the level of service we have received from them.”

“Canna Provisions has been partnered with Paybotic for almost 3 years now for our Merchant Services and payment processing solutions. We not only count on the next day payment service and funding reliability, but the excellent customer service they provide in the rarity of problems with devices and questions that may come up. We do over 60% of our transactions through Paybotic Device terminals, and depend on them for our daily operation. Any issues with terminals are usually solved with a simple phone call, and damaged units (it happens!) get replaced very quickly and easy. The Portal is simple to use, and reporting is available to view the next business day making our Accounting Department’s job much easier as well.”

Jack's cannabisco

“We run two small dispensaries that see constant traffic and at times see heavy traffic. It is very important to us to have a payment solutions provider that is available to assist us when problems occur. We are happy to report that problems are far and few between, but when they have occurred the Paybotic Team has answered our calls and worked through the problem with us until a solution to the problem is discovered. We receive our deposits the next business day & the online Payment Dashboard is easy to use and navigate. We would suggest Paybotic’s services to other dispensaries.”

Nova Farms

“Working with Paybotic has been an absolute pleasure, the customer service is almost instant and easy to work with especially when a terminal goes down they will overnight a new one no questions asked. Our company started May of 2020 and we have been with Paybotic since the doors opened. I remember we had one major issue with a terminal update and a customer, unfortunately, walked away with a significant amount of product but Paybotic rectified the situation instantly and at the moment I was reassured they 100% care about us, that being said we are sticking with them versus any other company!”

“We needed the ability to process credit card transactions asap for CR Pax, as my company services multiple locations across the US. Max and his team at Paybotic understood the need of my business and was able to provide me a domestic payment processing solution that is stable and secure.”


Michigan Cannabis Payment Processing Solutions

Contact Paybotic today for immediate assistance with any of your Michigan cannabusiness’ payment processing needs, or click the button below to learn more about Michigan cannabis law.

“As a cannabis company, the convenience for our customer’s to have the option of using a card is a plus. Paybotic has been easy to work with and always quick with a response anytime an issue or simple question arises. Appreciate their excellent customer service.”


Ohio Cannabis Payment Processing Solutions

Contact Paybotic today for more information on how our services can meet the payment processing needs of your Ohio cannabusiness.

“We needed the ability to process sales through our site to invoice customers remotely for our business. Rob and the Paybotic team were able to get Grove Bags approved within 48 hours and integrated us to process sales immediately. I have and will continue to recommend them.”

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