Premier Payment Solutions for the Cannabis Industry

Retail cannabis businesses do not have access to the traditional payment processing solutions employed by most establishments. At Paybotic, our goal is to help dispensaries improve efficiency, enhance the customer experience, and elevate their brands by providing them with flexible, cost-effective cannabis payment processing solutions.

We understand the difficulties that come with running a legal cannabis business. With this knowledge, we created a payment system specifically designed for the complexities faced by dispensaries in legal states. Our debit processing systems and processing solutions for debit cards and PIN-enabled credit cards allow our clients to offer a more seamless experience to customers and create new business opportunities.

Flexible Payment Solutions

We offer several payment solutions to accommodate the needs of your business and your customers.

Our payment solutions include:

Cannabis Card Processing:

Cannabis Card Processing is one of the most cost-effective and reliable payment solutions available for cannabis businesses. This solution allows dispensaries to accept debit and PIN-enabled credit cards, offer customers more flexibility, and improve security by reducing the amount of cash flowing through their business. Our terminals accept PIN-based transactions and give customers the convenience to pay with cards in the store.

We feature:

  • No processing fees for the merchants.
  • Work with any bank.
  • Next-day Expedited Funding/ Calendar Day Funding available.
  • Full reporting on settlement and transaction details.
  • Do not need POS integration. Integrations available for POS systems.
  • Can connect to ethernet, dual-band Wi-Fi and 4G LTE.
  • Provide end-to-end encryption, EMV compliance.
  • Best-in-class, 24/7 merchant support.

eCheck Processing

Our eCheck Processing solution makes it easier for retail marijuana dispensaries to manage invoices bill clients and accept payment online via ACH and checks. Our secure gateway, which can be integrated into your websites, makes it easy to process electronic checks, send email invoices, and accept online payments.

Our eCheck solution offers several great features, including:

  • Easy application. Approval within 72 hours.
  • Significantly lower rates than credit card processing.
  • No reserve required.
  • Can accept payment online, via phone, email.
  • Same day or Next day settlement.
  • Can work with cannabis, CBD, Kratom and so on.
  • Integration available with most online shopping carts.

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Improve the Customer Experience

Professional cannabis payment processing solutions help dispensaries legitimize their businesses and offer an enhanced customer experience to their clientele. Rather than forcing customers to pay with cash, dispensaries can offer a safe, secure, modern, and convenient payment experience.

Paybotic Benefits for Retail Cannabis Establishments

Still considering implementing Paybotic payment solutions at your dispensary? Our innovative solutions offer several benefits that can help cannabis businesses grow:

  • Less handling of cash.
  • Consumers are more likely to spend more if they are not limited to the amount of cash they brought with them.
  • Integrated payment processing with your POS systems.
  • No processing fees for the merchant. Low and transparent monthly fee.
  • Next-day Funding Schedule/ Calendar Day Funding Schedule.
  • Simple application, quick approval and set up.
  • EMV-ready, most up-to-date PCI compliant technology and hardware equipment.

Our payment processing solutions are designed specifically for marijuana dispensaries. We partner with retail cannabis businesses to help them streamline payment processes, increase revenue, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve sustainable growth.

Our Solutions

Paybotic offers a wide range of solutions for cannabusinesses including:

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Why is cash no longer the most convenient payment method for dispensary customers?

Cash remains the most liquid form of payment available to customers regardless of industry, but it no longer offers the greatest convenience compared to digital channels. For example, cash requires that customers have the correct amount handy ahead of visiting a retail location, which can be difficult to figure for non-regular shoppers. Many dispensaries have ATMs available with connected service to popular banks, but these often come with fees and can cause delays in an otherwise efficient shopping experience.

Electronic payments offer much greater convenience to customers due to their flexibility, reliability, and speed. Being able to accept payments directly via channels such as debit cards can provide additional opportunities for fulfilling orders that would otherwise not be available with cash. Curbside pickup is a great example of a popular and convenient dispensary fulfillment option greatly aided by an ability to handle electronic payments.

What hardware do dispensaries need to begin accepting electronic payments?

There are four key categories of technology that dispensaries and cannabusinesses will want to utilize when beginning to accept electronic payments. These consist of receipt printers, scanners, order processing devices such as personal computers or tablets, and POS software.

A receipt printer is necessary for tracking comprehensive records and storing them for later retrieval on a store’s point of sale (POS) system. Scanners are necessary for verifying customer identification. A tablet with a card reader attachment is an example of an electronic device that employees can utilize for receiving customer transactions directly on the POS system. Finally, the POS system itself is crucial for serving as the interface that employees will use to process orders and track records.

How does a point-of-banking solution offer convenience to a dispensary customer? 

Point-of-banking solutions offer convenience due to their similar functionality to an automatic teller machine, or ATM. Where a customer might have to visit an actual ATM to retrieve physical cash if the funds in their wallet were insufficient for a purchase, point-of-banking permits users to simply withdraw the funds directly off of a debit card. The funds transmit directly into the account of the merchant, and the sale is completed without the exchange of any physical currency.

Because the process is electronic, transactions become much more efficient while also providing a higher level of reliability for merchants and customers alike. For businesses that see a high degree of retail traffic such as amusement parks, dispensaries, or bars and nightclubs; point-of-banking terminals can greatly expedite transactions for all involved, which increases customer satisfaction and the likelihood of repeat business.


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