Why Choose Us?

Our Focus & Commitment

We are focused and dedicated to servicing high-risk merchants and businesses. We invite you to partner with us by allowing Paybotic to process your payment transactions.

Competitive & Consistent Pricing

We value strategically long-term relationships with our merchants and have worked hard to build a reputation for quality pricing practice. That said, we are more than willing to make any adjustments on pricing that we can to keep you happy.

Full Suite of Services

Your business has unique needs. We are a unique yet full solution provider. Whether you are a new business looking to implement a payment system, or an existing business looking for a payment transition, we have a solution that accommodates your needs


Our extensive network of partnerships and in-house expertise ensure that we can find a program that suits your business’ needs quickly and efficiently, while also constantly pushing for rigorous developments of service suites to accommodate your growing needs.

Customer Support Excellence

We are devoted to continually improving your merchant support’s experience and exceeding your expectations.

Reliability & Transparency

We are your merchant advocate. Should you have questions, we provide you answers in our best knowledge and ability to ensure you are always comfortable with our solutions.

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