Post date: 5/20/2022

Paybotic Women in Technology & Finance Scholarship Finalists

Inspiring female professionals to pursue a career in technology or finance. The message that Eveline Dang, Co-Founder, and CEO of Paybotic, wants to share is that more women should be in STEM. And with awareness and mentoring, career opportunities in fintech are limitless for women.

Eveline Dang would know. By the age of twenty-nine, she co-founded Intelligent Payment Networks (IPN) with her business partner, Max Miller. Eveline established the “Women in Technology & Finance” annual scholarship program in 2022. 

Paybotic is pleased to announce five semi-finalists for the “Women in Technology & Finance” scholarship.

Five female professionals were chosen from over five hundred (500) applicants and submissions. 

Finalist #1

Name: Elyana Javaheri

School: New York University (2022-2024)

Major: Master in Human-Computer Interaction

“As a trained landscape architect, my goal has always been to raise the spirit of a community, especially those underserved, through my work. For the past six years, I have held community meetings, cost-free design consultations, and community classes to help empower children and women in marginalized areas of cities such as Richmond, Virginia. Simultaneously, my research interests in the meeting point of environmental psychology and landscape architecture have led me to conduct independent studies on children’s mental health and the impact of the surrounding environment on them, aiming to showcase that well-designed space is a human right and need, not a luxury.” 


Finalist #2

Name: Deanna Oliver

School: Cornell University (2022-2024)

Major: Master in Information Science/ Studies

“I am a full-time senior analyst in Data and Analytics and the founder of my own early-stage mental health venture. I leverage my background in public health, entrepreneurship, data, and technology to make healthcare more equitable and accessible for communities in need. I aspire to build my knowledge and expertise in these areas so that I can help bridge gaps in the accessibility and availability of health resources and bring about more change. As I build my career, I hope to spearhead initiatives that align with my passions and interests. In doing so, I aim to serve as a role model for students like myself, who doubted their potential but want to transform the health tech space.”


Finalist #3

Name: Ademidun Adesola

School: Lincoln University (2020-2024)

Major: Bachelor’s degree in Computer and Information Sciences, General

“I am a dedicated girl. Once I put my mind to something, it is close to impossible to deter my attention away from that thing. Whenever I get the chance, I always want to try something new that I have never done before. One of my goals is to make life easier for people, especially those that do not have the opportunity and luxury and to ensure everyone has easy access to safe technology. My plan is to be an influential woman in the tech space to diversify the tech world and encourage young girls that they can attain that and much more. I want to see more African females in the tech world because I know that has been a challenge, and I want to be a pacesetter for that.”


Finalist #4

Name: Sarah Taha

School: Cornell University (2022-2024)

Major: Master in Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations, Business 

Administration, Management, and Operations

“As an Arab woman, I struggled to fit in when I first moved to Union College. With time, I noticed other women undergoing a similar struggle, despite our differences in ethnicity or creed. I vouched to represent those women and fight for their rights on the College Board of Trustees, as the first international and the second woman to hold that student position. I dedicated my time to encouraging women to participate in similar roles. As a result, three of my successors on the board were women. I want to channel my experiences of women empowerment and leadership to continue growing personally and professionally at Cornell. As a Biomedical Engineer with experience in research, venture creation, and design thinking, I will bring diverse perspectives to classroom discussions and will be heavily involved on campus.”


Finalist #5

Name: Sherie LaPrade

School: Florida Institute of Technology (2021-2024)

Major: Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace, Aeronautical, and Astronautical/Space Engineering

“In pursuit of my dreams, I have become an active participant in Florida Tech’s chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics. I have also joined the Spaceport America Cup rocket competition team serving on the propulsion sub-team. To grow my skills as a leader, I ran for a seat on the executive board of AIAA at Florida Tech in April and now have the privilege of serving as Secretary of AIAA for the 2022/23 school year. I plan to spend this next year serving alongside and learning from some of the best student leaders on campus as I support the President and Vice President and the mission of AIAA.

Upon completion of my degree program, I plan to continue as a member of the local professional chapter of AIAA. I will grow my leadership skills through active participation in STEM engagement programs in the local community, providing mentorship for the next generation of students. I am an avid, driven learner and will also seek growth in my workplace through self-study, workshops, and opportunities to serve with and learn from fellow leaders throughout my career.”


Announcement of Scholarship Winners

Three of the finalists will be selected on June 1, 2022. Each winner will be awarded $2,500 from the new annual “Women in Technology & Finance” scholarship program. 

We would like to thank the exceptional students who submitted their applications to the scholarship program. The scholarship winners will be announced on June 1, 2022, and notified by email. 

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