Post date: 9/17/2018

Cannabis does not leave any stone unturned when it comes to making the news in the United States. This time it is the Arizona court that has prohibited cannabis oil consumption in the state. A few years back a man got arrested for buying CBD oil from a registered dispensary. The consumer is said to be a registered patient who is allowed to use CBD oil up to a certain limit. He stated that he had used 0.05 ounce of CBD oil which is under the legal limit of consumption. However, the Arizona court seemed to be rigid in this case.

CBD is typically used to cure body pain, headache or sometimes chronic back pains. As the Federal law has still not legalized cannabis for medical use or recreational purposes, many states, following the law, still have not legalized cannabis for their area.

In 2010, the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act was passed. It was written under the act that marijuana can be used for medicinal purposes. Also, some of the dispensaries that sell cannabis oil or any medicines related to cannabis will need to be registered under the law to sell the components. The patient, who was arrested in 2013, had reported that he was a registered patient and bought CBD oil from a registered dispensary.

The case still has not been reviewed by the Arizona Supreme Court. If they do not review the case or revise the rules under AMMA 2010, then it will be difficult for the patients as well as dispensaries to buy and sell CBD oil or MMJ. As far as the case is concerned at this moment, there is no progress in it. This leads to high risk among dispensaries and patients in Arizona. Some of them stopped selling or buying as it might get them into legal trouble.

There are a number of companies that provide cannabis merchant accounts for better business and ease of payments in dispensaries. Anyone who is a registered patient or a dispensary can use these accounts to process with electronic payments. These registered and legal companies offer every kind of banking solutions like credit card processing, debit card processing, medical marijuana payment processing and many other solutions. This has made the business of the MMJ dispensaries much easier for processing and interacting with their consumers.


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