Post date: 4/29/2019

The federal prohibition on Cannabis is not a new story in America at this point. However, different states have made it legal within the states’ boundary. The Attorney General, William Barr has something to say regarding the Federal prohibition of cannabis before Congress in a meeting.

According to the reports, Attorney General Barr has cleared that he, himself, supports the federal prohibition on cannabis. However, the conflict between state and center policies on marijuana grows day by day. To remove such conflicts, Barr is ready to accept the STATES Act. As per his words, he is in support of the STATES Act but not in favor of federal legalization of cannabis.

Under the STATES Act, the states will be responsible for cannabis policies and laws. The local bodies will supervise the activities of cannabis businesses. No federal intervention will take place under the STATES Act.

The attorney is hopeful that by implementing the STATES Act, the cannabis industry can reach a more developed position in the United States as said that many states have already legalized Marijuana in the state level. They can regulate/revise/establish new policies regarding cannabis production for their excellent. Federal lawmakers or any authority will not be involved or intervene in this case.

Also, the SAFE Banking Act will help the states to develop the state cannabis industry. As of now, no proper marijuana banking solutions are available under federal law. With the SAFE Banking Act, hopefully, the cannabis industry will get appropriate ways of collecting and making payments for their business.

The cannabis payment processing services are available from privately owned merchants at this moment. Services such as credit card, debit card, ATM service and many more are available for the business purpose. Also, patients who are prescribed to consume cannabis-infused medicines or concentrates can make their payments for substances through CBD credit card processing units or any other mode of mortgages available.

The final words will come from Congress. As of now, no final decision has been made whether the STATES Act will be passed or not. Also, no news has come about the legalization of cannabis by the federal authority.


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