Post date: 8/9/2019

Aurora Cannabis Inc. has been named the sole winner of a license to provide medical cannabis to pharmacies in Italy. Aurora, a major player in the Canadian cannabis market, in 2018 bagged the first-ever contract awarded to provide medical cannabis to the Italian market. The latest award, expected to be signed next month, extends that work for another 2 years

Aurora, in a press release, said it competed with 4 other firms for the latest contract award. “We are committed to building a successful, long-term medical cannabis market in Italy,” said Neil Belot, Aurora’s Chief Global Business Development Officer.

Medical cannabis was legalized in Italy in 2013, but until recently could only be grown under supervision of the Department of Defense. Doctors in Italy can prescribed medicines containing cannabis for a variety of ailments, including chronic pain, rare forms of cancer, depression, spinal cord lesions, sclerosis, glaucoma, appetite stimulation. Patients who are under radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and HIV therapy have also been prescribed medicines that contain cannabis.

The new contract award calls for Aurora to sell a minimum of 400 kg (882 pounds) of medical cannabis to the Italian Ministry of Defense for distribution to local pharmacies, where it will be dispensed to patients, Aurora explained. The medical cannabis will be grown at Aurora’s Canadian facilities, under Canadian regulations, and will be imported into Italy through Aurora’s European subsidiary, Aurora Deutschland.

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