Post date: 3/16/2019

The Ben-Gurion University of Israel has moved a step forward to prove the usefulness of Cannabis plant recently. A group of researchers from the said University has surveyed the children who have Autism. Around 60 autistic kids were given CBD oil for treatment, and more than 50% of kids have shown moderate improvement in their health.


  • Autism: The Disease


Autism is a disease that is associated with the patients’ social skill, verbal and non-verbal power, speaking or other physical activity. One in 60 kids in the United States has Autism today. In the case of Autism, it is difficult for doctors to categorize the patient sometimes. Unfortunately, that is one of the many reasons, why a proper treatment for autism has still not discovered. Though, the ongoing treatment is enough for the patients in the US.


  • The Research on CBD Oil


In the recent past, a team of researchers from the University of Israel has found out that CBD oil is extremely useful in treating autism. They had researched for three months when 60 autistic kids were put on CBD oil to manage their disease.

After three months of this treatment, the parents of these kids are not only happy, but they reported that their kids are doing well.


  • The Findings


According to the reports, 30% of the total kids have shown substantial improvement in their behavior. Nearly 55% of the kids have shown moderate improvements such as taking a shower alone, getting ready and so on. Rest 15% of children did not show any significant change. It seems their disease did not respond to the medicine at all.

Overall 40% of the kids have better activity results, 30% are getting better sleep, and nearly 10% of kids can concentrate more than earlier. The CBD oil that doctors prescribed to these 60 kids is extracted from the medical cannabis plants, not from the industrial hemp. This is also a good sign for the medical cannabis industry as the usefulness of the element is getting increased.


  • The Verdict


As mentioned, autism affects each patient differently. One cannot categorize autistic kids as they show different symptoms for a different child. Because of Federal restrictions and legal issues, it was not possible for doctors to prescribe CBD oil or medical cannabis for the treatment of autism. However, this research is one such evidence that proves marijuana to be much more useful medicine for rare diseases

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