Post date: 9/7/2019

California Governor Gavin Newsome, a long-time champion of marijuana legalization, hasn’t done much to support the legal cannabis industry since taking office. That’s the assessment of an analysis published on August 21 by Marijuana Business Daily.

Newsom was a strong advocate of reforming marijuana laws before being sworn in as governor in January. He led the Blue Ribbon Commission on Marijuana Policy, created in the run-up to a 2016 state ballot initiative legalizing adult use of marijuana. And he penned a 2016 op-ed calling for legislation allowing for recreational marijuana use.

“Newsom spent at least three years developing relationships and learning about California’s marijuana businesses, and he fostered a political image suggesting to many he would be a ‘warrior’ – as one cannabis businesswoman put it – for marijuana industry interests,” wrote MJ Business Daily Senior Reporter John Shroyer. “But in recent months, conversations among MJ industry advocates in the California Capitol have turned more toward what they haven’t seen from Newsom: bold action to help stabilize a flailing legal market.”

In fact, Shroyer noted, “Since taking office in January, Newsom has largely remained mum on marijuana in general.”

One action the governor did take that was welcomed by legal marijuana growers was to task the National Guard with pursuing unlicensed cannabis growers. That move was announced in February.

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