Post date: 9/4/2018

Having marijuana legalized in the USA is one of the leading topics here in the US and everywhere else. Though California state government has made it legalized for Medicinal and Recreational use, it must be used within the territory of the state.

It is obvious that to sell Marijuana whether adult or medical, one has to have the license from the state and local authorities. Those who have these licenses issued by the state can easily promote or advertise about the medicinal or recreational marijuana in California. The state has also released the advertising regulations recently. Companies that provide marijuana banking solutions privately can promote their business solution mentioning their license number.

According to Section 26151, there are some rules that one has to follow while publishing their commercial marketing/advertising for marijuana. Also, the section stated few rules that the advertisers/marketers strictly not mention while publishing the ad in any platform.

What should one do?

  1. First of all, the main rule that all the advertisers have to follow is to mention the license number of the licensee in the advertisement. If the advertisement is published on outdoor boardings or billboard, it is necessary to mention the license number at least in any one corner of the promo.
  2. The same rule will be applicable for the digital platform ads such as social media, online media or any other online platform. The licensee has to mention his/her license number on the advertisement body at least once to make sure that the business is legal and the advertiser has a proper license/permission to sell marijuana.

On the other hand, Section 26151 states other rules that should not be violated by any of the merchant or advertisers while promoting. These are some of the restrictions that the state has imposed on the advertisers and merchants.

  1. Firstly, anyone who is in the ad or involved with the promotion should not be less than 21 years of age. According to the regulation, any communication, dialogues, message or any content shown/published/written should strictly be made for adults 21 year of age and older.
  2. The advertisements, published in Television and radio should be shown or aired for the audience who are 21 year of age and older.
  3. All the contents used in the advertisement should be true. Any false or untrue information shown/published/written in the advertisement will be a punishable act.
  4. No billboard located on highways that connect two different state or cities should have cannabis advertisement.

These are the regulations which overall state that each licensee should mention their license number on each advertisement for the cannabis promotion.


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