Post date: 6/18/2019

The legal status of both medical and recreational marijuana in some states is still unclear. So, companies, like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express have restricted marijuana payment processing on their systems. This strict restriction has paved the way for cannabis merchant service provider. Now, clients from various states can use their credit cards to pay you! Here are the 4 qualities of the right cannabis merchant service provider you’re looking for:

Experienced in dealing with CBD Merchants

An experienced cannabis merchant service provider is able to administer sophisticated CBD oil merchant services that are beneficial both for you and your business. Their knowledge and expertise in dealing with payment gateways and e-commerce platforms allow them to govern regulatory demands, take care of data security concerns, and manage to progress industry threats.

Has a Network of Various CBD Merchants

The cannabis merchant service provider you’re looking for has a number of high-risk customers, a network of various CBD merchants, and an established CBD business. A service provider who has a network of clients are more likely to be ingenious, inventive, and innovative when it comes to providing solutions and assistance to merchants.

Has a Wide Array of CBD Merchant Services

Finding a cannabis merchant service provider you can rely on for numerous services is so important to ensure smooth transactions. They should also be able to provide you protection against fraud, help you in data security, administer chargeback management, and more.

Customized Services

Every CBD business is dealing with its own set of dilemmas. This means that there is no blanket solution for all. Finding a merchant service provider who can provide you with customized services and solutions that are tailor fit to cater to your customers’ wants and needs will positively impact both your business image and your sales!

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