Post date: 3/14/2019

Project CBD was started in 2009. Under this project, a lot of misconceptions regarding CBD were withdrawn by the industry experts. One of the many mistakes was CBD is medicinal whereas THC is the recreational part of the cannabis plant. However, this concept was proved to be wrong when it was determined that THC is more effective with CBD in treatment than CBD alone.


  • The History


Around 2014, a father, taking his two year old child across state lines to buy Cannabidiol for his child who was suffering from epilepsy. It was during this time when not many clinics or doctors would prescribe or sell CBD as an effective treatment for rare diseases. Although it was proved that CBD is more effective in such procedures than any conventional medicine. Since then the Father moved to Colorado for his child’s treatment.


  • The Scenario Today


Today, in many parts of the US, you will find CBD infused beverages, ice-cream and all other forms of of the cannabinoid. The main reason for this is the effective use of CBD in medical history. Also, with time it has been proved that CBD works better if it contains THC in a 1:1 ratio.

As per the market, growers have given more attention to CBD than THC. This has made CBD more profitable. Since 2009, with Project CBD, additional cannabinoids have been discovered by things are found by researchers.


  • The Findings


  1. Researchers from California Pacific Medical Centre have conducted a survey where they have found that CBD and THC together are much more affected on anti-tumor treatment for the patients suffering from breast or brain cancer.
  2. Around 2010, another study proved that  chronic pain generated from intractable cancer could be healed more efficiently by THC and CBD together than THC or CBD alone.
  3. The use of THC can also prevent diseases like Memory impairment, paranoid symptoms, and such contained CBD.

Project CBD was not only useful for the patients but also it helped eliminating the misinformation prevailing within the users about CBD and THC.

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