Post date: 12/20/2022

December 21st is National Maine Day, marking the date that Maine joined the United States as its 23rd state. But while you’re at it, there’s another landmark day in Maine’s history that you can celebrate at the same time: legalized cannabis! In 2016, Maine became the 8th state to approve legalized cannabis sales for medical and recreational use. 

The History of Cannabis In The Dirigo State

Maine’s state motto is “Dirigo,” Latin for “I lead” – and that’s certainly the case when it comes to legal cannabis in the state. Prohibited in 1913 as part of a nationwide push for criminalization, in 1976 Maine became the 3rd state to decriminalize small amounts of cannabis. In 1999, medical-use cannabis was legalized in Maine. In 2009, Maine decriminalized cannabis possession for up to 2.5 oz  (71g). Municipal legalization followed in 2013-14, paving the way for 2016’s full legalization of cannabis for both medical and recreational consumption. 

Visit and Bud & Breakfast 

Whether you’re a year-round Mainer or a seasonal visitor, you’ll need to know the local consumption laws, which strictly prohibit cannabis use in public areas. To legally enjoy Maine’s greener side, you’ll need to have a 420-friendly location. As cannabis tourism increases, many Maine B&B owners have expanded past offering just beds with breakfast – meet the new generation of ‘bud & breakfast’ spots! Each property listing with Bud & Breakfast has different rules and amenities, so make sure to look before you book. 

Go Cannabis Camping in Maine

Maine is known for its natural beauty, and many cannabis enthusiasts enjoy spending their high in the great outdoors. But cannabis consumption is illegal in public places and federal parks. But there’s a way for nature-loving stoners to have their high and hike it too, with cannabis-friendly camping. Maine’s Camp Laughing Grass is what canna-campers have been waiting for! The camp is located on 17 acres of Maine’s most beautiful natural beauty, along the Crooked River in Harrison. The campsite offers glamping, rustic, and primitive camping, with unrestricted use of cannabis available to visitors anywhere on its grounds. 


Celebrate Maine Day With Sweet Dirt Certified Clean Green Cannabis

Maine’s unofficial slogan is ‘The Way Life Should Be.’ Maine-grown cannabis brand Sweet Dirt takes that idea and applies it to their cannabis cultivation process for the way cannabis should be: organic, clean, and pesticide-free. Sweet Dirt offers a full line of products, from flower to edibles and holds the distinction of being the first cannabis company in Maine to achieve Clean Green Certification by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA).


Enjoy the Maine Munchies

Besides a bounty of locally-crafted, artisanal cannabis edibles, Maine is known for having fantastic munchies to indulge in when you’re in an elevated state. From lobster rolls and clam chowder to whoopie pies and blueberry pie, there’s an abundance of delicious local treats to sample in Maine. From fine dining to the diners, drive-ins, and dives along the Old Route 1 Tin Can Tourist Trail, there’s no better place to satisfy your munchies. 


Getting thirsty? Don’t worry, Maine’s got plenty of independent local wineries and breweries to visit and slake your thirst. Travel the Maine Wine Trail to enhance your green vacation and create your own pairings. Or if beer’s more your thing, hit up any of the 100+ participating breweries on Maine’s Beer Trail to rack up the rewards – and find your fave dispensaries along the way. 


You can even sign up for a Cannabis Walking Tour in Portland, where you’ll be invited to sample and purchase from some of Portland’s favorite dispensaries, before enjoying a non-cannabis coffee beverage, lunch, and seasonal treats from other local Portland businesses. 

Get Your Maine Dispensary Set Up With Paybotic

Despite Maine’s accessible and efficient dispensary laws, it can still be difficult for cannabis-related businesses to obtain traditional financial services from established institutions. Until cannabis is legalized at the federal level, most dispensaries and high-risk cannabis businesses don’t have many options for safe, reliable banking. Operating a cash-only cannabis business is both risky and inefficient – but there’s a better option available. Paybotic is proud to serve dispensary owners and other cannabis-related businesses in Maine, and offers a full suite of banking and FinTech solutions to make the most of legalized cannabis sales in Maine

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