Post date: 9/24/2018

After the medical industry, now beverage industry is keeping an eye on non-psychoactive CBD components in the United States of America. As Canada has legalized Cannabis and recreational marijuana, the beverage companies like Coca-cola is considering CBD in functional wellness beverage. In recent times it has been seen that people stopped consuming cold beverages like Coca-cola and such for general health benefits. As these beverages contain a heavy amount of sugar, people seem to replace these drinks with functional wellness beverages across the US.

Coca-Cola, along with other beverage companies, is analyzing CBD or Cannabis for functional drinks in the future. As per the Federal Law and Health Department, CBD has no significant importance in the medical industry. However, GW pharmaceutical gets approval from the FDA for a medicine that contains cannabis recently for treating rare epilepsy.

Aurora is one of the companies that trade cannabis in Canada. Coca-Cola is talking with Aurora, according to a report by Bloomberg. Aurora is willing to step into the beverage industries with the functional wellness drinks that contain CBD. Though none of the companies, coca-cola and Aurora, have confirmed the news, it has been reported that they are working on the limit and pricing of CBD containing functional wellness drinks.

As far as the price is concerned, CBD will cost $20 per gram. This makes the component little cheaper and affordable to add to any soft drink. This price is a rough one and can be changed according to the quality and quantity of the CBD component. While talking about the pricing, it can be noted that private merchant account providers are doing incredible jobs in the USA. As people know there is no proper banking channel for Marijuana everywhere else, these companies are helping entrepreneurs by CBD Credit card processing, debit card processing, marijuana accounts, MMJ dispensary accounts and lot more.

Apart from the pricing, the companies are in talks about the volume of CBD they need for soft drinks. It is kind of difficult to know how much volume of functional soft drinks will be needed across the nation or world. Depending upon the volume of the functional drinks, CBD should be supplied and costs should be calculated. If there are marijuana banking solutions, Aurora or any other cannabis firm can start growing their business across the world.

In the last couple of months, cannabis received a great welcome from global corporations. Constellation has invested $5 Billion in the Marijuana Titan Canopy Growth which is a record-breaking investment in the recent past for the cannabis industry.


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