Post date: 3/3/2021

The marijuana topic is one of the never-ending discussions that keep on going to the United States. In a recent meeting, a 30 member’s congressional bipartisan group has asked the Attorneys to look into the matter of Medical Marijuana as soon as possible. This is not the first time when a group is asking for research work on marijuana. Before this, in the era of Mr. Barack Obama, 26 applications were submitted.

According to the reports, the bipartisan group of congressional members sent another appeal to the Attorneys and acting administrative official of Drug Enforcement Administration, Uttam Dhillon and William Barr. As per this appeal, the congressional group has requested federal authority to speed up the research work on medical marijuana.

Medical or Adult use marijuana is still not legalized by the Federal Law in the United States. However, some of the leading states have made it legal within the state boundary. Medical Marijuana, in the recent past, has been proved to be not only efficient but also can treat many rare diseases. Unfortunately, due to not legalized medical marijuana is not getting much room for improvement. Not only the development has been restricted, but also there are no marijuana banking solutions to solve the financial issues.

Before this appeal, 26 applications were submitted before President Trump has come to power. The bipartisan group appealed for at least one of these 26 applications to be implemented as soon as possible.

Previous Applications on similar issues:

  • Previously, in the year 2018, a group of 15 members has appealed for the same problem as now. They requested for the speedy and intense research on marijuana for medical and treatment purposes.
  • Also in the same year, another appeal was submitted seeking federal permission for growing medical cannabis. The Federal Law has permitted the University of Mississippi to grow cannabis as of now. None of the other institute or organization has federal permission to grow medical marijuana.
    • Slowing down the legalization and research on medical marijuana brings a lot of problems in the industry. As mentioned that there is no banking channel for the business, it is hard for the manufacturers as well as patients to accept and make the payments for their substances.

      Some of the private companies have come up with cannabis payment processing that helps the manufacturers to make and accept payments through merchant services for cannabis business.

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