Post date: 10/9/2018

President Donald Trump has raised the issue of the increasing drug problems in the US in the United Nations Event last week. There are 129 countries that have signed-on the pledge in support to the fight against drugs. According to the reports published, nearly 49,000 people have died last year by consuming illicit drugs.

One of the major issues in countries like New Zealand is the growing consumption of Opioids. It is illegal to sell or buy Opioids without having a proper prescription by the registered doctor. Opioids can be helpful to cure chronic pain if taken within controlled amounts. However, the consumption of Opioids has been increased largely and has started affecting the user’s health when abused.

This growing issue of Opioid consumption for recreational purposes is taking the lives away in many consumers in the United States. On the contrary, in many parts of the States, marijuana is still be legalized state by state. This helps some of the rare diseases to be cured and provides an alternative to Opioid abuse.

Looking at so many issues regarding drugs, President Donald Trump has asked other countries to join hands to make the world illegal drug free. The addition of drugs, opioids, to include similar substances have been growing and continues to grow over time. The President wants it to put an end to the war on drugs forever.

In the month of March 2018, Trump has suggested to cut down the use of Opioids in the USA. He has changed Federal Programs to make it happen. Also, curtail in prescribed amount will be seen for Opioids from now on. He also said that dealers will get dreadful punishment if found selling Opioids anywhere.

Despite having no public banks for marijuana in the USA, the private merchant account providers are working relentlessly to cater the medical stores and patients with marijuana accounts. Through these marijuana dispensary merchant accounts, people can now go cashless while buying their medicines that contain cannabis without huge cash dealings.

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