Post date: 5/22/2019

While some of the states are leaving no stone unturned to make some improvement in the Medical Marijuana Industry, the Department of Veteran Affairs, on the other hand, opposed three bills in favor of veteran patients. In a recent report by, it has been published that the Department of Veteran Affairs is opposing three Bills that will help the veteran patients to access medical marijuana programs run by the State.

  • Bill 1: HR 1647

The first Bill that was turned down by the Department is HR 1647. Under this bill, veterans would be allowed to participate in State-run Marijuana Programs under medical supervision. However, stopping this bill would leave them empty-handed.

According to the Chief Consultant of Veteran Affairs, Larry Mole, they cannot take any step until the Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Administration give the permission or equivalent. This Bill was introduced for the first time in the year 2014. Since then, the Bill establishes every year but turns down for many reason.

  • Bill 2: HR 712

This is the second Bill on the list. Under this Bill, the Veteran patients would be allowed to run clinical research on cannabis on a trial basis. This would broaden the scope of cannabis medicines in the medical industry.

  • Bill 3: HR 2192

The third Bill, namely HR 2196 would prohibit the Veteran Affairs to deny any kind of medical help to the patients who are registered under the Medical Cannabis Program. Any kind of compensation or aid cannot be denied by the Veteran Affairs under this Bill.

All these three Bills were opposed by the Department of Veteran Affairs. As per some reports, establishing these bills would bring a wider scope for improvement in the medical cannabis industry. Also, it would be helpful for patients with chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder if these Bills would not be opposed.

Medical Marijuana is growing faster and developing with each passing day. Not only is the industry booming, but also the patients across the USA are benefiting from these medicines. However, as drugs made from marijuana are still considered Schedule 1, the Federal law is not so keen to make it legal. But, the states have legalized medical cannabis with some massive restrictions for the betterment of the patients suffering from chronic diseases and rare kind of diseases.

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