Post date: 11/23/2022

Cyber Monday is the last day of the five-day, post-Thanksgiving retail stretch that’s come to be known as “The Turkey 5.” For Cannabis businesses who also get Green Wednesday, make that the Turkey 6! Because cannabis rules and laws vary by state, not all dispensaries take advantage of Cyber Monday, which is rapidly becoming the highest-grossing day of the Turkey weekend sales stretch.

To give your Cyber Monday sales a boost, reach out to customers where you’d like them to discover your business – online. As fully legalized cannabis moves closer and closer to the mainstream, it becomes increasingly important for dispensaries to make sure their web experience is great for customers and makes it easier for you to make more sales, increase your local brand awareness, and reach new customers – even during off-hours.

Cyber Monday Stats
For years, Black Friday was the ultimate retail shopping day for bargains and deals. However, over the last decade or so, Cyber Monday has slowly but steadily gained an advantage.

  • About 63 million people plan to shop Cyber Monday sales.
  • Online dispensary sales broke records last year, registering a 77% order increase.
  • Cyber Monday sales topped $188 billion in recent years.
  • Over 37% of Cyber Monday purchases come from smartphones.
  • Nearly 50% of cyber shoppers are willing to pay more to support small businesses.

Up Your Dispensary’s Social Media Game
Regulations and restrictions can make it tough for dispensaries and other cannabis-related businesses (CRBs) to advertise their Cyber Monday 2022 deals. Luckily, there’s an effective workaround for that. Social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat are popular with cannabis consumers, and you can build a strong following with regular content postings. This is also an easy way to keep customers updated on upcoming Cyber Monday deals, new products, store events, and staff picks.

Reach Them Directly With Email and Text Marketing
Social media connects to a wide audience, but your dispensary’s real Cyber Monday power comes from nurturing your existing customer relationships. If your dispensary isn’t currently using email and text marketing to connect with your current customer base, it’s time to start. Offer a sign-up discount both online and in-store for enrolling in your email/text program, then use deal blasts to stay top-of-mind and advertise your Cyber Monday promotions early.

Promote Your Cyber Monday Deals With Gift Guides
One of the most effective ways to both reach customers and build anticipation for your Cyber Monday 2022 deals is to post a dispensary holiday gift guide, where you can highlight the seasonal items, featured products, brands, and specials you’ll be running for the holiday, as well as ideas for gift-giving that the casual shopper might not be familiar with. Gift guides work for your dispensary in two big ways: first, it provides a comprehensive list of your dispensary’s best-sellers. Second, gift guides are a fantastic way to increase your dispensary’s website SEO (search engine optimization.) Having a solid SEO ranking makes it easier for new customers to discover your dispensary – and bring their business to you.

Offer Online Exclusives
Everyone loves an exclusive offer, and online deals let customers shop at their leisure. Not only can you promote all your biggest deals from Green Wednesday to Cyber Monday, but you can also offer exclusive online flash sales to keep customers coming back to see what deal you’ll post next. You can even include online exclusive teasers in your gift guide and email/text blasts to get customers excited to check back on the sales. Limited-time offers and limited-availability stock get shoppers in the mood to spend, so make sure to let customers know in advance and have their discount codes at the ready!

Get Their Attention With Video Content
Some shoppers need a push to get from browsing to buying, and that’s especially true with cannabis products. Which is where video content comes in – think of short product video clips as a knowledgeable budtender that online shoppers can assist customers 24/7. TikTok, Instagram Reels, Snapchat and YouTube are places where you can post clips, including links to the clips in social posts, text messages, or email blasts. Use video content to introduce new products, answer common questions, review or unbox new products. Video content is also useful to demonstrate how to use products or accessories, helping customers make informed Cyber Monday purchases.

Make It Easy To Shop Your Dispensary Website
Web design is important for dispensaries, especially as the industry edges closer to going mainstream. But it’s especially important to make sure your website functions at its peak for Cyber Monday. Remember, your website is part of your dispensary’s “first impression,” so it has to be user-friendly for customers. Your dispensary’s online shopping experience should match the in-store experience as closely as possible. This means that you should dedicate time and effort to product photos, descriptions, filtering systems, and ways that customers can post product reviews.

Make sure that when you are on the dispensary landing page that customers can easily find the following:

  • Search bar
  • Product menu & categories
  • “About Us” page
  • FAQ page and/or dispensary blog
  • Dispensary hours and location
  • Contact information (including embedded ways for customers to dial directly from a smartphone or send an email.)
  • Accepted forms of payment
  • How to get their online order (curbside pickup, cannabis delivery service, etc.)

Let Customers Skip the Line By Paying Online
One thing shoppers agree on is this: part of the attraction of Cyber Monday deals is skipping the line by going online. But if your customers can only order online, you’re not delivering the most convenient part of Cyber Monday to your dispensary shoppers. Unless your dispensary or local laws allow you to provide delivery services, cannabis consumers will still need to make a dedicated trip out to pick up their purchase. Don’t make them have to make an extra stop to take out cash! If your Cyber Deals mean they’ll still need to make an extra stop, you might end up with an abandoned cart.

Have Your Biggest Dispensary Cyber Monday With Paybotic

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