Post date: 4/2/2019

Fee-Free Card Acceptance for Medical Marijuana Deliveries

Payment acceptance is a major pain point for marijuana dispensaries. Most payment processing companies won’t work with marijuana dispensaries despite the ever-growing roster of state laws legitimizing these businesses. Paybotic isn’t like most payment processing companies. We’ve spent the past 8 years helping marijuana dispensaries transact business with state-of-the-art card acceptance solutions. Now we’re rolling out a fee-free mobile solution for dispensaries that deliver medical marijuana to their customers.


Paybotic’s Mobile Debit Processing solution is the first fee-free payment option designed exclusively for dispensaries that want to offer customers the convenience of having medical marijuana delivered to their homes. Payments are accepted using a sleek, portable device featuring touchscreen display and flexible connectivity (4G LTE, WiFi and Bluetooth). Customers pay for purchases using any PIN-authorized card, contactless device or mobile wallet, and all payment information is secured using end-to-end encryption.


Our Debit Processing works in much the same way as a free-standing ATM, but it doesn’t come with the hassles and liabilities of supporting an ATM. Customers pay transaction fees, just as they do when using any ATM. The fees cover processing costs, and can be set higher than actual processing costs, allowing dispensary operators to earn fee income on each card transaction.


Today’s savvy consumers have come to expect simplicity in payments, whether they’re buying a cup of Joe at the local coffee shop or having medical marijuana delivered to their homes. Paybotic’s Debit Processing solutions offer MMJ dispensary customers the simplicity they expect when making purchases while sparing dispensary owners the costs generally associated with payment card acceptance. Plus, they reduce the high costs and risks associated with accepting cash payments.


Paybotic’s Mobile Debit Processing is a plug-and-play solution that works with any POS system. And like our other solutions, the Mobile Debit Processing is bank agnostic – there’s no need for MMJ dispensaries to change banks to take advantage of this new solution.


This new MMJ Mobile Payment solution is a game changer for medical marijuana dispensaries offering or considering delivery services. So what are you waiting for? The merchant application process is quick and easy. And once approved your dispensary can begin accepting PIN-based card payments for customer deliveries in a matter of hours.

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