Post date: 5/17/2019

Florida Senate has removed the ban on smoking cannabis for the patients. In the last report published by The Orlando Sentinel, the Senate passed the Bill on smoking cannabis for patients. According to a spokesperson from the Senate, smoking cannabis is allowed for patients. As medical marijuana is getting popular and useful with each passing day, the Senate has stated that it is strictly between the doctor and the patient that whether the person can smoke or not.

The law, finally, has removed the ban on smoking cannabis in Florida. However, the bill has passed in the Senate, and it goes to the House. Though, the House did not respond to it yet; the Senate is hopeful that the House will pass the bill as well.

Before this Bill, the Florida Government had an existing Cannabis Bill in the House. But, smoking cannabis is prohibited in that Bill. In 2017, after the common vote, that bill was passed. Since the new Bill SB 182 was passed by the House, the ban on smoking cannabis has been lifted forever from Florida.

The existing Bill does not allow the patients to consume cannabis anywhere anytime. They have some restrictions on smoking and drinking Cannabis. However, the medical industry, as well as the patients, are happy that the new bill has passed to allow the patients to smoke cannabis as medicine.

In recent times, even though Federal law hasn’t legalized marijuana, but in many states, the government has made it legal. The sole reason for this is the usefulness of cannabis in the medical industry. However, the lack of marijuana banking solutions in many states, it has become difficult for manufacturers and other traders to buy & sell cannabis products and medicine.

Some of the private companies have started cannabis payment processing through credit card, debit cards, a point of sale machines and so on. With the help of these companies, now the chances of crimes and emerging black money will get mainly reduced.

People are still looking up to the Federal Law System that does not legalize marijuana (medical or recreational) in the United States. This is the biggest reason why no banks have provision for cannabis business payments anywhere. By passing this said bill, Florida may take a step ahead to full legalization of marijuana.

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