Post date: 12/8/2022

Did you know that most cannabis is considered kosher? It’s true!  As more and more states adopt legal cannabis, there’s a growing movement to make cannabis part of traditional holiday celebrations, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve – and there’s no reason to leave Hanukkah off the list! Here are ways that your dispensary can use inclusive holiday marketing and Hanukkah-themed products to widen your customer base. 

Get Lit For The Festival of Lights 

During the holidays, your dispensary customers are more likely to splurge on high-ticket items, particularly if you’re having a Green Wednesday, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday sale.Your holiday marketing plan should also include specific marketing for Hanukkah, instead of just rolling it up with Christmas. For example, you can create 8 days of savings, with a different sale each day that all customers can enjoy, extra loyalty program rewards points, and in-store merchandising that showcases how to incorporate cannabis into Hanukkah celebrations. 


More cannabis companies are expanding their customer base with inclusive cannabis accessories, like GRAV®’s menorah bong (pictured above.)  Decarboxylators, oil infusers, and menorah-themed glassware are higher-ticket ‘marijuanukkah’ items your dispensary can stock for the season. You can also find lower-cost cannabis-themed Hanukkah gifts from independent makers, like menorah-etched grinders, t-shirts, stickers – even a Dr. Dre dreidel. You can even create your own in-house ‘High-nukkah’ packages at your dispensary, with a different pre-roll or strain for each night of the celebrations. 

Learn How To Roll a Menorah Joint

A menorah joint? You read that right! This VICE video tutorial from professional roller Tony Greenhand gives you the step-by-step instructions to create one for your Hanukkah party. This is a group activity where everyone can bring their favorite strains to share. You’ll want to make sure to stop by the dispensary beforehand – you’ll need papers, a grinder, trimming scissors, and rolling glue to get the party started. Your dispensary can create its own ‘Roll-It-Yourself’ kits with written instructions and strain recommendations to sell – chances are, you already stock everything customers need to roll their own. 

The Miracle of (Cannabis) Oil

Hanukkah celebrates the miracle of a day’s worth of oil miraculously lasting for 8 days –and there’s a new way to celebrate with miraculous oil. Ardent Cannabis has perfected the art of cannabis oil infusion, and has the recipes to prove it. Best of all, their traditional Hanukkah recipes can all be made with the modern twist of cannabis-infused oil or without, so that your guests can partake at their own pace. Dispensary owners, take note – Ardent has a lot of moderately priced infusion products that you can stock, many of which are ready for universal gift-giving.  

Hanukkah Munchies

Cannabis Gelt? Yes – and it’s easier than you think to make it. Customers can start with a batch of their own infused oil or cooking-grade cannabis oil from your dispensary. You can even have printed instructions for how customers can melt pre-made cannabis chocolates to form their own medicated Hanukkah gelt. 


But don’t forget to have non-cannabis nibbles as well as medicated snacks available for ‘Chronukkah’ parties. Latkes, matzo ball soup, kugel, sufganiyot and other Hanukkah favorites will satisfy the munchies and even out everyone’s cannabis experience. To ‘elevate’ the experience, just sub infused oil or cannabutter into your favorite recipes. Your dispensary can create a display of available products so that customers can easily add something new to try. 

Don’t Use Gelt at the Dispensary – Get Paybotic

No matter how you get your dispensary ready for Hanukkah shoppers, one thing you don’t want to do is make them pay with gelt – give shoppers a cashless checkout instead. That way, if they decide that they’ve just got to get a menorah bong, they won’t have to worry whether they’re carrying enough cash. Plus, branded dispensary gift cards are an excellent gift for Jewish stoners and Christmas shoppers alike. 


With Paybotic, your dispensary can use in-store Hanukkah merchandising to effortlessly make more sales for 8 nights of celebrating. From big-ticket purchases to Hanukkah gift cards, Paybotic makes it easier for your dispensary customers to shop, pay, and get ready for their ‘Marijuanukah’ festivities. L’Chaim!


To get your dispensary ready to make more sales for the season, contact us today! 







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