Post date: 7/3/2019

Hawaii is a top tourist destination, due to its beautiful beaches and lush landscape. Now you can add an open door policy for MMJ patients as a Hawaiin tourist attraction.

Hawaii has long been a cannabis-friendly state. In fact, it was the first state to legalize cannabis, in 2000. It’s climate is also conducive to cultivating quality cannabis, which has long drawn growers to the islands.

As a recent report in the Phoenix New Times explains Hawaii has sought to establish itself as the go-to health-care destination in the world. And medical marijuana is fast becoming a go-to remedy for all types of health problems, like chronic pain. So the state has implemented a new registration program that allows MMJ patients from out of state to shop at dispensaries and consume cannabis while visiting the Aloha state.  To obtain an Out-of-State Patient (OSP) Card visitors, visitors complete a simple online form and provide proof that they have an MMJ card from their home state. They then receive OSP card that is good for 60 days and can be used to make purchases at state-registered dispensaries.

According to the Phoenix New Times, the majority of OSP cards issued by Hawaii so far have gone to MMJ patients in Arizona. The news outlet suggests this could be because Arizonans have “more of a medical mindset” than folks in other states that allow for the sale and use of cannabis products, “most likely due to the fact that our state’s relatively higher number of elderly residents are looking for relief more than they are recreation.”

While medical marijuana is now legal in 32 states, fewer than half have opened those programs to out-of-state MMJ patients.

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