Post date: 12/20/2022

The holidays can be stressful, but as cannabis becomes more widely legalized and available, there’s a new way to relax and enjoy the season. As cannabis enters the mainstream, there’s been a growing movement to include cannabis as part of the holiday festivities. We’ve helped you start the party right with unique ways to incorporate a little more ‘green’ into your Christmas party. Whether you’re planning a cannabis-themed party for friends and loved ones, or you’re throwing a dispensary holiday party for budtenders – here’s to new traditions! 

‘Tis The Season for Dispensary Savings

For the holiday season, your dispensary customers are receptive to holiday deals, especially if you extend your Green Wednesday, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday sales. With gift-giving, parties, and holiday savings on their mind, shoppers will be more likely to spend a little more on higher-ticket items, in addition to their usual purchases. Your holiday marketing plan should be inclusive, with more emphasis on Christmas marketing as the day approaches. For example, you can create 12 days of Christmas savings, with a new discount each day for all your customers to enjoy. Bonus loyalty program rewards points on purchases, coupons for future savings, and holiday freebies are other ways to get shoppers into the spirit. 

Enjoy Your Christmas Trees

People love to give (and receive!) whimsical Christmas items – so why not make cannabis part of the fun? From cannabis Christmas ornaments to candy cane flavored rolling papers and more, there’s no shortage of fun, seasonal cannabis accessories your dispensary can stock for the holidays to make some easy sales. This is also a perfect time of year to offer some festive Christmas-themed glassware, like Cannabox’s Christmas Tree mini bong (pictured above.) 

You can even create your own in-house “Stoner Stocking Stuffers” at your dispensary, with lighters, papers, blunt splitters, glass tips, grinders, and other holiday accessories. 

Celebrate Kush-Mas With a New Holiday Strain

You’ve heard of an Advent calendar – time to update the tradition! If your dispensary has a ‘12 Nights of Christmas’ sale, try creating your own ‘12 Night’ or ‘Advent Calendar’ gift box, with a different pre-roll or strain for each night of the celebrations. Not only will it be something fun and unique to gift (or treat themselves to!) you’ll give shoppers a fun way to explore your dispensary’s strains in a way that feels festive. Especially when you have holiday strains to recommend! Jack Frost, Candy Cane, and Hazelnut Cream are just a few of the more festive strains your Christmas customers might enjoy sampling, so make sure your budtenders know what to recommend. 

Have a Bud Bar With Canna-Cocktails

Whether customers hire a professional ‘cannabar’ company or opt to craft their own, canna-cocktails are a way to enjoy cannabis without lighting up. Print off a few easy cocktail recipes to give customers, and position free canna-cocktail recipes near tinctures or infusers that make cocktail craft a snap.  The Ardent infuser company has a lot of moderately priced infusion products that your dispensary can stock, ready for gift-giving or getting the party started. The best part? Cocktails can all be made with alcohol, infused cannabis, or without, so that your guests can partake at their own pace.

Get Merry With Munchies

Infusers are great for cannabis cocktails and munchies too – so make sure you have a few easy holiday recipes positioned near your infusers, edibles, and tinctures. For ‘enhanced’ holiday treats, just sub infused oil, cannabis tincture, or cannabutter into any traditional recipe. But don’t forget to have non-medicated munchies available for guests too! Traditional Christmas party fare like cookies, cheese balls, pigs in a blanket and other finger foods are perfect for guests with the munchies, and making sure that everyone can even out their high and enjoy their experience. 

Don’t Make Santa Use Cash – Get Paybotic

However you get your dispensary ready for Christmas shoppers, the one thing you don’t want to do is make Santa pay with cash! Give shoppers a cashless checkout instead! It’s easier for shoppers to get into the ‘Santa Spirit’ if they’re not worried about whether they have enough cash – or have to take the hit of an ATM surcharge to pay. Plus, with Paybotic, you’ll be able to sell branded dispensary gift cards, which is the one-size-fits-all gift you can’t afford not to stock for stocking stuffers! 


To get your dispensary ready to make more sales for the season, contact us today! 

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