Post date: 12/16/2022

Today is National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day – the perfect reason to treat yourself and indulge with cannabis chocolate. Time for a visit to your favorite dispensary to pick up chocolate-covered cannabis confections. Never tried one? No problem! We’ve done the legwork for you, and have created a ranked list of fan faves from across the US. 


Because availability depends on your location, we’ve made sure to include top-sellers and indie brands that are available in multiple states. Whether you’re a dispensary owner adding something new to your inventory or just a cannabis-and-chocolate enthusiast, you’re sure to find something sweet on our list. 

Kiva Confections (Multi-State Availability)

Kiva Confections is the leader in creating delicious, artisanal cannabis chocolate treats. These are a fan favorite anywhere they’re sold, with consumers raving that they’d eat Kiva confections even if they didn’t have cannabis in them. That’s a pretty high rating! Even better, the brand has a full line of delicious treats, from cookies, candy, mints, and chocolates to offbeat seasonal items, like cannabis turkey gravy (yes, you read that right.) Kiva confections are sure to fly off your dispensary shelves and make great stocking stuffers for the canna-curious as well as experienced consumers. Fan favorites include 5 mg TERRA bites , traditional Kiva Chocolate Bars, and more. Kiva flavors range from blueberry, almond and S’mores to peppermint pattie. With seasonal offerings and unique, limited-run flavor combinations, there’s a treat to please any palate. But best of all is that Kiva is available in numerous states, including Arizona, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, Hawaii, Ohio and Oklahoma, with expansion planned to include Massachusetts soon. 

Serra Chocolates (OR)

Portland, OR’s Serra specializes in craft cannabis chocolates, sustainable production, and custom-created artistic packaging. Not only are their products delicious and exquisitely presented, but the company is dispensary-focused. Serra is dedicated to providing the support your dispensary needs to launch their products, including displays, samples, merchandise, educational sessions, and other support materials. Their line of craft Woodblock chocolates is customized to create a specific user experience and clearly labeled, so it’s easier for budtenders to recommend the right product for each customer. 

Dixie Elixirs (CA, CO) 

California and Colorado dispensaries, listen up: Dixie Elixirs is changing the chocolate game for your customers. The company is a proud NACB™ member, dedicated to not just creating delicious edibles, but to bettering the cannabis industry as a whole. Their 500 mg pure-extracted THC bars are easily portioned and boast an impressive triple-lab testing to ensure dosage accuracy. Dixie Elixirs chocolates come in mouth-watering flavors like Orange Zest, Birthday Cake, Peppermint, and a signature Synergy bar with a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio. The company is 

Bhang (Multi-State Availability) 

You can find Bhang at dispensaries across the US and Canada too – and if your dispensary isn’t stocking it yet, it might be time to start. You may recognize their eye-catching Bhang Nation products from social media, where they’re a trusted favorite with a built-in fan base. A 10-time Cannabis Cup Champion, Bhang partners with artists and influencers to create products that are effective, delicious, and aesthetically pleasing. Cruelty-free and sustainably-sourced, their product line has products without gluten, soy, or lactose, with vegan and keto options, too. Their flavors range from traditional to off-the-wall tastes like Fried Chicken and Cola Chocolate and White Toast White Chocolate. 

Grön (Multi-State Availability) 

Looking for something new to stock? Grön might be what your dispensary needs! Currently available in Arizona, Missouri, Nevada, Oregon, and Oklahoma, with planned expansion into newly-legal states. The first cannabis company to earn Fair-Trade certification, Grön’s full line of chocolates are crafted to be delicious and effective. From perfectly-portioned microdose pearls to full-spectrum mini and shareable bars, Grön delivers the gourmet taste and flexible dosage your customers crave. With delectable flavors like vanilla bean Jacobsen sea-salt, peanut butter pretzel, and candy-coated microdose Pips, your dispensary customers are sure to go wild for Grön. 


Elevated Chocolates – Easy Checkouts

It’s easier to upsell when your customers don’t have to use cash. Edibles are always a favorite for dispensary shoppers, because they’re ready to consume, discreet, and it’s easier to get the correct dose. Whenever you get a new chocolate item in your dispensary, make sure to get together with your staff for a sampling and education session, so they can talk to shoppers authentically about the products you offer. Then, get Paybotic, the easiest way for customers to pay by card, shop online, and earn loyalty program points with your dispensary. 


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