Post date: 8/19/2019

The Illinois Governor makes the Medical Cannabis Program permanent which was supposed to expire in the year 2020. The Chicago-Sun Times reported that the Governor, J.B. Pritzker (D) had signed a Bill that not only expands the list of qualifying conditions under Medical Cannabis Program, but also it has made the Program permanent in the state.

Medical Cannabis Program in Illinois

In the year 2013, the then Governor, Pat Quinn started the Medical Cannabis Program in the state on a pilot basis. Initially, the law rejected the expansion programs; however, later, the post-traumatic stress and terminal illness were added to the qualifying conditions under the program.

Governor Bruce Rauner created a new program, namely Opioid Alternative Pilot Program. Under this program, opioid patients are allowed to enlist their names for Medical Cannabis Programs. Also, this Opioid program removed the old provision of a criminal background check and fingerprint submission of the patient.  The program was supposed to expire in the year 2020. However, Gov. Pritzker has made the program permanent in the state.

According to the reports of Public Health Data published by Sun-times, the total number of patients enrolled in the Opioid Program is 2,165.

Along with the Bill signed by Gov. Pritzker to make Medical Cannabis Program permanent, the Gov has also signed a bill that allows the Nurse practitioners and assistants to the physicians to certify patients for the program. A separate Bill was also approved that states that medical cannabis can be used in school compounds as well under the supervision of school nurses.

Legalization of Cannabis in Illinois

Illinois legalised adult-use of cannabis a long time ago. This is the only state where the state legislature has authorized Medical Cannabis within a proper tax-structure. Unlike other countries, Illinois can have appropriate marijuana banking solutions in the future. About 20 to 30 percent tax is levied on the Marijuana business.

There is only 1 percent pharmaceutical tax is levied on the medicines that contain cannabis. Other than the legalization of Marijuana in the medical industry, the Illinois government has allowed the enrolled patients to grow their cannabis as well.

Currently, as on 31st July 2019, the number of enrolled medical cannabis patients is 80, 035. Illinois is the 11th state in the USA to legalize adult-use marijuana.

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