Post date: 4/26/2019

Louisiana State Demands Cannabis for Patients on Shelves in Dispensaries by 15th May

Louisiana State has demanded medical cannabis on the shelves by the mid of May. In the last meeting on Monday, 25th of March 2019, state officials have requested medical cannabis to be on the shelves of the MMJ dispensaries by 15th of May as patients are long waiting to get their medications.

Legalizing medical marijuana under Federal law does not seem to be happening anytime soon. However, Louisiana state government has passed a bill that says medical marijuana or cannabis in the form of oil, tablets, and liquids and so on will be available in licensed dispensaries, but strictly not in the way of smoking components.

Despite having permission, the growers and the manufacturers are unable to provide the components. Patients are suffering more for not getting the medicines they need. Agricultural centers at LSU and Southern University are the two institutions that have permission to grow therapeutic cannabis.

According to the many experts, if growers and manufacturers have to meet the deadline, then they might not be able to supply a full batch. However, they are sure that GB sciences, to be precise, will be able to provide total quantity by August.

The growers are still not ready with their batch. There are several lab testing and legal formalities to be done for the final samples before they hit the dispensaries. One of the lawmakers, Katie Corkern who supported legalization of medical marijuana is one mother who is treating her son with medical cannabis as her son has epilepsy. She mentioned a young 13-years old girl who has died a month ago, because of rare epilepsy. The girl was not on therapeutic cannabis. However, Katie thinks if she would, she would have lived.

The officials and the growers have stated that they will do anything and everything to make the medicines available for the patients. It has been a long time that the patients who have cancer, epilepsy, rare diseases, chronic pain and are unable to start their medication as the medicines are not available in any of the MMJ dispensaries.

On the other, the massive problem arises as there are no marijuana banking solutions available anywhere. All the transactions have to be made through cash which can lead to more unexpected situation in the industry. If the Marijuana Banking Access Bill is passed or signed shortly, the work will be much easier for everyone associated with the industry.    

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