Post date: 10/1/2018

New York Police Department, recently, has arrested a man consuming Cannabis which was against the law released by the State. According to the state law, anyone who is carrying cannabis within the permitted limit should not get punished or arrested. However, having THC Oil is the punishable act. But it seems NYPD has exploited the law completely.

As per the latest report, a guy was being arrested from the streets of New York for carrying Cannabis. He had to spend a night in the jail under police supervision. According to the State Law, the man should not have been arrested as he was carrying components within controlled limits. The guy was spotted with a Vape Pen not a joint, as per the reports.

A month back, the Mayor of New York gave a statement on the same issue. It has been said that NYPD cannot arrest any person who is using Vape Pen or controlled limit of cannabis. However, the police exploited the rule and arrested a person who was using Vape Pen for cannabis but not THC oil. Against this arrest, senior staff attorney, Scott Hechinger, has taken down his microblog account to share his point of view on this case.

There are some of the loopholes under the THC oil rule. As said that low-level of Marijuana possession would not make any violation to the state law. However, people who have any criminal records or on parole might get arrested. But, according to some reports, exploiting state law may target people who are black or belong to some specific region. They are being involved in such cases which are not even criminalized or offensive.

On the other, THC oil is the safer way to consume marijuana in a controlled limit. The Mayor has clearly given leniency in consuming THC oil and low-level marijuana in New York. So, having arrested people for the same reason does not make sense for the state or the people. In the last few months, the number of arrests for the same reason has increased largely. This may lead to targeting specific people of color or region.

According to De Blasio, people who will be found consuming THC oil or cannabis should be summoned not arrested. The NYPD has not answered to any of the questions asked since the case has happened. They did not respond to any of the questions by media or any press. Manhattan District Attorney stated that no new cases will be prosecuted unless the old ones are cleared completely according to the law.


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