Post date: 10/26/2018

Importing and Exporting Cannabis to and from the United States is as tough as getting marijuana legalized by the Federal Government. A China-based Cannabis Import and Export Company has spoken about their adverse situation while buying and selling cannabis internationally. As Federal Law has still not legalized Cannabis in the United States, there are a set of restrictions in international trade for the same. Anything that is solely marijuana or contains ingredients of the plant cannot be shipped to any nation from the United States.

However, the authorities that create the laws have accepted that not all the parts of the cannabis plant are considered marijuana. For example, matured stalks are not marijuana, however, the resin derived from them is considered marijuana. Likewise, the law states that parts of the cannabis plant can be shipped internationally without any restriction if they are not marijuana. These are called Exempt Cannabis Plant Materials. They are allowed to be shipped internationally.

The law states that any country, despite having legal cannabis industry, cannot involve in international trade with the United States if there is marijuana in the box. Canada is one of the countries that have legalized cannabis and medical marijuana in the state. However, Canada is not allowed to involve in international trade if they are shipping anything which does not fall under Exempt Cannabis Plant Materials.

Exempt Cannabis Plant Materials include the following parts:

  1. Matured Stalks
  2. Oil or cake from the seeds
  3. Fibers (produced from the mature stalks)
  4. Seeds that are incapable of germination

Apart from the above materials, anything like salt, manufactured items, mixture, derivatives, preparations or any other compound derived from the above list of materials can also be considered as Exempt Cannabis Plant Materials.

Other than above-mentioned components, anything that remains cannot be shipped internationally, as per the Controlled Substances Import and Export Law.

Now, the concern does not end here. If a person is shipping Exempt Cannabis Plant Material this does not mean the investigation will end. The components can be tested again and again to cross verify they are not marijuana. The reason behind this is that it is not always possible for any lab to find what compound has been produced or derived from what component are in the cannabis plant. If the investigating agency finds anything suspicious, the shipment can be stopped then and there. This entire uncertainty is obstructing the international trade for cannabis and marijuana which is considered as Scheduled 1 medicine to treat rare epilepsy, anxiety, depression, and chronic body pain.


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