Post date: 7/9/2018

Stated the reports recently, Massachusetts has earned a legal licence for cultivating recreational marijuana. As of now, it is one of the few states that has received this license. Massachusetts local dispensary, Sira Naturals Inc has managed to earn the licence from the Cannabis Control Commission to cultivate marijuana.

One of the most important components in the medical industry at the moment, is states passing laws that allow for medical and/or adult use Marijuana. On the other hand, it has been published that US Senate has also denied the amendment of protecting banking channels for marijuana business. This has also affected the industry adversely in many parts of the United States. Currently very few firms have authority to cultivate marijuana at this time..

In Massachusetts, the company, Sira Naturals, previously known as Sage Naturals has received 5 out of 5 votes from the members of the Cannabis Control Commission. Legally, one can buy Marijuana plants only from a registered and authorised dispensary. But now, Sira Naturals will be able to cultivate the plants across an area that spans 10,000 to 20,000 square feet.

Currently, it is legal to buy cannabis from any authorised dispensary. However, only adult use is available for those who are 21 years old, and who can identity provide proof of identity. Sira Naturals will soon, start selling their marijuana products in there location soon.

The State Department of Revenue issues the licenses for the Marijuana business. There are five broad types of marijuana licensing system. Massachusetts earned the basic licences under which the company can cultivate, process, package, transport and sell to any other manufacturer or retailer of the same. Under this licence, no company can sell marijuana to any direct customers.
Other types of licenses are Retail, Distribution, Testing and Product Manufacturers. Massachusetts has received recreational marijuana cultivation licences, which means they can directly sell the adult usemarijuana in their retail locations.

With the increase in adult consumption of marijuana across the United States, house representatives are revising rules surrounding current legislation. Alongside adult and medical use, cannabis payment processing is also growing and developing as well with the time.


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