Post date: 9/18/2018

Having illegal marijuana trading in many parts of the United States, California has made some new policies for the transportation of cannabis from one place to another. Recently, the California Department of Motor Vehicle has stated that any motor vehicle that transports commercial cannabis will have to obtain the Motor Carrier Permit to run from one place to another for any purpose.

A preconceived notion works among many cannabis distributors in California. They sometimes say if a federal law is not on the side of cannabis, having other laws in this same industries are not always needed to be followed. Well, that notion is definitely accepted by neither the industries nor federal law. On the other, the law of obtaining MCP (Motor Carrier Permit) seems to be relaxed in case of cannabis transportation.

Motor Carrier Permit is a permission that distributors need to obtain from the state while transporting goods in any commercial motor vehicle. There is a Motor Carrier for Property that offers or handles commercial motor vehicles across the nation. They have to obtain the permits from the state to run their vehicles on highways for commercial purposes. In failing of obtaining the MCP, the Motor Carrier of Property will not be eligible to operate Commercial Motor Vehicle anywhere.

MAUCRSA (Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act) has stated that ‘any distributor or vehicle that transports cannabis for hire shall be required to obtain MCP from the state pursuant to the Vehicle Code’. Now the confusion starts from the term ‘for hire’ in this statement.
Many distributors who own motor vehicles are transporting cannabis for many purposes. As per the rules by MAUCRSA, they do not have to obtain MCP while transporting the cannabis for any reason. However, if the distributors who own their vehicles are hiring other vehicles or distributors for transportation of their goods, precisely cannabis, even for testing purpose, they will have to obtain MCP from the state.

Basically, the law states that anyone who is being paid for transporting cannabis from one place to another for any commercial reason shall be required to get the MCP from the Department. In the above case, if the hired distributor is being paid the compensation, it has to obtain the MCP. On the other, the first distributor will not have to get the same in either owning vehicle or hiring one.

The cannabis industry in California is constantly growing and observing by the market experts for its betterment in many ways, as for example marijuana banking solutions. MCP law is one of the main initiatives to make the business flexible and easier.


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