Post date: 3/12/2019

In recent times, the California Cannabis Industry has witnessed a lot of ups and down. The state has legalized cannabis for medicinal and recreational use with reduced consumption. Now, the Governor Gavin Newsom has signed an order that the states National Guard will be sent to stop illegal cannabis grows and other unlawful activities in our industry.

  • General Order to the California National Guard

On 12th February 2019,  Governor Newsom signed the General Order stating the National Guard has been allotted and tasked to remove the unlicensed and illegal cannabis business in the state.

  • Troops assigned for the Tasks

According to the Order, 150 National Guard troops will be tasked to the National Guard Counterdrug Task Force. A total of 300 Soldiers will be assigned to the US-Mexico border to eliminate unlicensed businesses in the cannabis industry.

As per the report published by the California governor’s office, more 100 troops will be assigned for eliminating illegal smuggling of drugs, guns and other illegal items/substances in the state. It is said the task force will be initiated in March of 2019.

  • Cartels and Organized Crime

According to the Governor, most of the unlicensed cannabis grows are found in public lands. They use hazardous products like pesticides that can be harmful to not only the environment but also consumers/patients. These cartels and unlicensed cannabis plantations are growing day-by-day in California. The task forces will be assigned to eliminate all of these illegal activities.

  • Small Companies and Unlicensed Grows

According industry-activist, Hezekiah Allen, there are some small cannabis manufacturers in California which do not hold any license. This does not mean they are illegal or attempting any unlawful activities.

As the Federal Law is yet to be legalized Marijuana in the United States, many small organizations are failed to get a license for the business due to legal pressure and complicated regulations. If the California state removes unlicensed businesses, probably these small scale sectors will be excluded too. But, as Allen wrote to the State officials that instead of these small unlicensed companies, the concentration should be on the wealthy businessmen who neglect and break laws for their profit motive.

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