Post date: 11/8/2018

As Marijuana is legalized in many parts of the United States, Alternative Treatment Centers are opening rapidly. In New Jersey, one can find 6 such vertically integrated centers. The city is planning to open 6 more in the near future. The state authority is helpful in growing more of these centers across the State by providing them with enough room for advertising.

In a recent announcement, the state has permitted the centers to post their price list online on social media portals. The state officials have given permission to use the online platforms to promote these centers by providing the entire price list for their medicine and treatment. These centers can also use their websites to post their products and services. The ATCs will be responsible for sharing the details on social media. What, how and where to be shared will fully be under the control of the ATC.

According to the state authority, they have received 143 applications for the new set of 6 ATCs locations in the city. All these applications are a minimum 300 pages each. The rapid growth of demand for ATCs is allowing the state authority to make things easier for the ATCs and medical cannabis business.

New Jersey is keen to expand their medical marijuana business in near future. The demand for ATCs has been increased since the beginning of the year. According to surveys, the number of patients has doubled since inception of the policies allowings ATC’s to operate.

The Assistant Health Commissioner Jeff Brown has told the ATCs that now they can easily share their information regarding price on the internet as part of their advertisement. Along with this, the state is considering adult-use marijuana bill. However, it has not passed yet officially.


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