Post date: 7/12/2019

New Mexico is putting the brakes on potential sales of medical marijuana to out-of-state residents.

According to a recent report in  the Albuquerque Journal, state regulators are concerned that allowing non-residents to obtain New Mexico medical marijuana cards would encourage the transport of cannabis products across state lines, in violation of federal and state laws. In June the state health department issued a ruling that the state’s medical marijuana law does not allow non-residents to purchase marijuna at state licensed dispensaries, even if they have medical marijuana cards from their home states.

The ruling doesn’t cut off out-of-state residents entirely from the possibility of purchasing medical cannabis in New Mexico. The state health department has until next March to formulate regulations supporting a system of reciprocity whereby medical cannabis patients from other states can obtain short-term permits that allow them to make purchases at regulated cannabis dispensaries while visiting New Mexico.

Ultra Health, one of the largest cannabis companies in New Mexico, opposes the state’s new ruling, and has filed a letter of protest with the state health department. If the department does not change its stance, Ultra Health told the Albuquerque Journal that it intends to challenge the ruling in court.

The disparity in state laws regulating cannabis sales can be a source of concern for cannabis dispensary owners large and small. How they process and bank payments from their businesses should not be. Paybotic understands this, and has spent years developing secure and compliant state-of-the-art payment and banking solutions that address the unique requirements of cannabis dispensaries and other businesses selling cannabis products.

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