Post date: 1/22/2019

It is well known by the people that California Cannabis Law has taken several new steps to legalize the marijuana business in the state. There are not only laws for the businesses, but cannabis leases are also an integral part of Cannabis Laws in California. In a recent report, it has been announced that the California government may take strict action against the landlords who will lease their portion of land or property to the unlicensed cannabis business. Also, for the licensed businesses, vast paperwork should be done as well. Now, the scenario has changed completely, as the laws seem to be changed for the cannabis industry.

Law for Cannabis Business

Gone are those days when anyone can start a cannabis business anywhere in California. Now, without a proper license, it is hard to even grow cannabis anywhere in the state. Unlicensed businesses will soon be shut down by the government, though the licensed will remain as they are.

Rules for the Landlords

First of all, no landlord can lease their property to any business that is involved in cannabis manufacturing, growing or selling if they do not have a license. If landlords lease their property to any such business unknowingly, then they have to present proper and legal property and lease documents.

License and Permission for the cannabis business

As mentioned, now every cannabis business has to get a license to continue their business in the state. Those who already have permits are safe now. However, the businesses that do not have license earlier may face some significant problem.

Expenses and Money Involved

Getting the license for cannabis business is not a piece of cake at this moment in California. Not only is the process long, but it costs a hefty amount of money for the business to get one legal document. Other expenses involve lease amount and documentation charges for the lease.

As a whole, the law advocates have navigated the laws for cannabis lease and so on. From landlords to the business holders, everyone has to follow the strict sets of rules that came with the Farm Bill 2018. Legalization of Cannabis makes the businesses easier, on the other new rules make them it harder to continue.

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