Post date: 8/23/2018

Oklahoma has recently approved a new state law under which the medical marijuana will be legalized. Despite being banned by the federal law, Oklahoma has made an announcement legalizing medical marijuana in the state.

However, the University remains firm in their decision that they will not allow anyone to consume medical marijuana within the campus for any purposes. This means anyone who wishes to consumes MMJ will be prohibited from consumption on campus grounds.

Reasons in support of the decision

In an effort to secure federally funding, University leaders have elected to follow federal guidelines. The Universities is looking out for the best interest of the students and is working to prevent any loss to funding. Both the universities have chosen to support Federal Drug-free School Act and Federal Drug-Free Workplace Act.

Problems faced by consumers

This is not the first time that consumers of medical marijuana or adult use cannabis are facing such problems. As it is not legalized by federal law or there is no public banking facility for trading marijuana, medical dispensaries, consumers, and stores are facing payment problems largely.

All the transactions in this industry are made through cash as there are no proper banking channels or marijuana merchant accounts. The Medical and Health Department has declared marijuana as a schedule 1 drug regardless of the reason for consumption. Hence the federal law is yet to be relaxed towards the legalization of the same. These large cash transactions can lead to criminal activities and trigger black money in the economy.

The solution to the problem

However, a number of private companies are working relentlessly to provide marijuana dispensary merchant accounts and other related accounts. These merchant accounts are extremely helpful for large amount transactions in this industry.

These cannabis merchant service providers also cater to their clients with the debit card, credit card, and gift card processing solutions under this industry.

Dispensaries, medical stores, and even general stores can have such merchant accounts to transact huge amount while buying or selling marijuana for medical purposes.


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