Post date: 8/15/2018

Though the federal law has shown some mercy on Marijuana industry in some parts of United States, there are few places like Wyoming in the western United States, where consuming marijuana or related products is still illegal. According to a report, a lady who uses CBD oil for her back pain got arrested in Wyoming for buying CBD oil from a general medical store.
What is CBD Oil?
CBD is an element found in the Cannabis plant. It helps to prepare cannabidiol oil that is used to treat pain, anxiety, depression, epilepsy and such diseases. CBD is a non-intoxicating compound. According to the health organization, CBD does not have any adverse or abusive effect on human body. Despite that, it is categorized as schedule I medicines. If it is applied for treating pancreatic cancer, along with chemotherapy, the patient may live 3 times longer than only chemotherapy. The research is done on mice and scientists are hopeful about it.
Paying for CBD Oil
As the federal government has still not legalized marijuana in many parts of the states, payment for such components is difficult for the patients. Besides, the merchants are still unable to accept or send payments from there consumers. With the help of some private merchants, it is easier for many to use credit cards. It takes little time for CBD Credit Card Processing to get established for some of these merchants.
Legal or illegal
It is still not clear whether the selling of CBD oil is illegal or legal in Wyoming. According to the federal law, if the composition contains less than 0.3 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) then it will be legal to sell in general medical stores. There are several programs in many parts of US will soon start implementing in support of the same. Wyoming will also start such programs from 2019.
As the recent report says, a person who got arrested for using CBD oil had purchased CBD that contains only 0.06 THC that comes under the legal measurement. This is quite confusing for many because, despite being under the legal measurement, Wyoming government has arrested a person.
Despite having relaxation on the marijuana law, people are confused whether to buy medicines containing CBD or not.
Transaction by the Merchants
As mentioned, the private merchants are the saviors in this industry. Selling and buying cannabis involves huge cash transactions. As it is used in medical industry, private marijuana banking solutions are here to provide all kinds of banking facilities to the dealers such as credit card, debit card, merchant accounts, gift cards and so on.


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