Post date: 5/20/2019

Another development has been made in the Medical Marijuana Industry in New Hampshire. The Senate has approved a Bill that states that patients can now grow marijuana in their home only by following some conditions.

According to the reports, there are 7000 patients registered under the State Medical Cannabis Program. But, there are only four dispensaries that sell marijuana medicines. Looking at this problem, the Senate has decided that patients who are registered under the program can grow their required cannabis at home.

The Bill: Regulations:

  • According to Bill, the patients who are registered under the State Medical Cannabis Program will be eligible to grow cannabis at home.
  • Each patient will be allowed to grow 12 seedlings, six mature, and three young plants at home. No one will be eligible to produce more than the mentioned amount.

Advantage of the Bill:

  • As mentioned for 7000 patients, there are only four dispensaries available in Hampshire. Each patient, on an average, has to spend at least $400 every month for their marijuana medicines. However, growing their own cannabis will cost them at the max $100 per month.
  • It has been seen that patients who are registered under the program but cannot afford to spend $400 every month, are shifting to the much cheaper medicines called Opioids.

Disadvantage: Opposition of the Bill:

  • Republican Senate and the State Association of Chiefs of Police have opposed the Bill. According to them, it is not feasible to allow patients to grow cannabis at home. It can lead to misuse of the same as well as it can be harmful to others.
  • The worry of Republican Senate has been taken into account. It has also been said that the original version of the Bill has the provision of home-grown. But, as the disadvantage of misuse can take place, the Senate is reconsidering the Bill.

As of now, the Senate has not signed the Bill. Also, it has not been said whether the Bill would be passed or not. However, the Senate has given the nod to the Bill to cure the problem of patients who have to, not only spend the fortune to get the medicines but also have to travel a lot to get them.


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