Post date: 9/15/2022

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Dispensaries and other cannabis businesses are awash with cash. That’s the good news. The bad news: cash is expensive and it’s a criminal magnet.


That’s why the smart money is on electronic payment processing solutions for dispensaries and other cannabis businesses. 

Who Should Use the Cannabis Payment Processing?

Paybotic has deep roots in the cannabis sector and offers payment processing solutions that fit each cannabis business’s unique needs. Our cannabis payment solutions provide legitimate and seamless payment processing for all types of businesses serving the cannabis sector.

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Solutions for Consumer, Cannabis B2B Transactions

For consumer-facing businesses, like cannabis dispensaries, Paybotic offers a Point-of-Banking solution. Accept PIN-authorized debit cards. Reduce the risks of cash while offering customers the convenience of paying with their cards. 


Paybotic can even set up a dispensary or CBD merchant with its own branded gift card program. Gift cards are like interest-free loans that also boost sales since most gift card recipients report spending more than the amount on the gift cards they receive.

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For business-to-business transactions, Paybotic supports eCheck and ACH services. eChecks and ACH payments are also great ways to collect payments for online purchases.


eChecks are digital versions of the old-fashioned paper check, which means they clear a whole lot faster than paper checks, typically in a day or two. 


The ACH is a payment network many companies use already for Direct Deposit and B2B transactions. Payments clear as early as same-day when immediate payment is required, or they can be scheduled to meet trading terms.


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