Post date: 10/17/2018

Pennsylvania has witnessed some great trouble while selling MMJ in the past. MJ Freeways Seed-to-Sale Tracking System suddenly crashed and caused a downfall of sales of MMJ in some of the leading stores in Pennsylvania.

As per the reports published in MJBizDaily, the MJ Freeway Seed-to-Sale software has suddenly slowed or shut down. This caused the sale of the Cannabis to be halted by merchant utilizing the software. By noontime, the software provider was back up and running and merchants were able to process with sales. This, definitely lead to a huge loss for many MMJ dispensaries and stores that sell marijuana in Pennsylvania.

It is already difficult for merchants to sell marijuana and related medicines due to lack of proper marijuana banking solutions. Private companies that are providing merchant accounts are working relentlessly to provide more of merchant services for cannabis business all over the United States. However, software disruption of any kind or other service related to the cannabis industry can harm the daily load of the transaction, sales, and other financial components.

According to a statement released by MJ Freeway, the system has been updated recently. In this updated version, clients will be able to get complete information regarding new changes, updates, tips and various other items related to marijuana sales and they will be able to navigate them. As soon the software was updated, it crashed. The company spokesperson said that new updated version will be able to communicate with the clients for better services. Unfortunately, this new code that was installed in the software makes the system slower than ever. This code took too much time to initiate the details.

As far as the Freeway software is concerned, this is not the first time that it has slowed down or crashed. System hacking, Glitches, Outages are examples of cases being filed against the company in earlier times. The spokesperson commented that having a 100% hacking preventable system is technically not possible. However, as per the reports, the updates can be a huge help in this case.

Talking about the MMJ dispensaries and stores, the merchant accounts providers are working on point of banking for MMJ dispensaries too. This will help the patients and the sellers to avoid cash dealing every day for the heavy transaction. These solutions include cannabis merchant accounts, cannabis payment processing and so on.

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