Post date: 5/3/2019

Utah Supreme Court is ready to hear the medical cannabis challenges. According to the case, the legislature has changed many points from Proposition 2 which was earlier established on proper voting procedure. But some of the rules under Proposition 2 have been overturned by the legislature.

Proposition 2:

Earlier this month, the Utah state has agreed to compromise on the legalization of medical marijuana. According to state officials, having fully legalized medical marijuana will allow the patients to access cannabis unlimited. This can lead to over-use of marijuana. They have tweaked the Bill and established an agreement on compromising the regulations under Proposition 2.

The Consequences:

The State supporters have shown immense support towards this compromising agreement, whereas some of the voters have protested against it.

Some of the officials are wondering why are lawmakers making changes or overturning the regulations mentioned in proposition 2. Especially the expansion of Medicaid will be stopped if the agreement gets official.

The agreement has adversely affected marijuana growers. People who used to grow their marijuana because they live far away from the dispensary are now not allowed to do so. Also, edible marijuana is not available for the patients now after the agreement was established.

The Supreme Court & the Hearing:

  • The Supreme Court is ready to hear the case. The state lawmakers are firm about the changes made to the Proposition. Whereas the lawyers, representing the voters are protesting against the changes made.
  • According to Justice Paige Peterson, if there is something that legal voters can do to protect any initiative they have taken, then they should do that. The overstepping of the legislature is not being accepted by many.
  • Against this statement, the state attorney said that if voters can initiate legislation or laws that are passed by the people or voters, all of them can either be amended or can be replaced by lawmakers.
  • Along with these arguments, state attorney also stated that if the voters are not accepting the lawmakers’ overstepping, then they can easily vote them out from the active offices. On the other hand, the election process is too slow to implement anything in the state against the legislature.
  • Two more groups have protested against the changes made in the compromise agreement. But none of the groups have hired attorneys to fight the case; instead, they are representing themselves in the court. This has slowed down the situation even more.

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