Post date: 4/24/2019

Another leading state in America has turned down three significant bills related to medical marijuana recently. These three consecutive bills were established for the expansion of the use of marijuana in the pharmaceutical industry. However, the state legislature, lately, has canceled all three of these Bills.

The Bills: In Details:

  •   The three bills were specially produced to expand the use of marijuana. One of the Bills was about the qualifying conditions list. This bill would have broadened the restrictive pathway of using and manufacturing medical marijuana. Under this Bill, the qualifying conditions were made for the use of medical marijuana.
  •    Another bill was about participation in the FDA to bring back pot in the state. It would allow people to participate in the Federal Food and Drug Administration for trial purposes of medical marijuana. This would lead to bringing back medicines in the state without paying or imposing any penalty on it.
  •    The final and third Bill stated that Cancer and IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome could be considered under the qualifying conditions list. These diseases can be treated better with marijuana-contained medicines than conventional medication.

However,these three bills were canceled by the state legislature. Hence, the expansion of the already restricted areas related to the marijuana industry has been blocked.

The State Legislature Verdict:

The first Bill, related to the expansion of access in the qualifying conditions list is canceled by the State legislature, whereas the other two bills are turned down by the Mental Health & Substances Committee. The Senate has decided to produce the Bill again next year with revised conditions.

According to the Senator Steve Dickerson, Tennessee, the state will produce a single bill in front of another subcommittee which will be an amalgamation of all these three rejected bills. They will consider massive conditions in the next Bill.

Current Situation in Tennessee in the Medical Marijuana Industry:

At this moment, Tennessee law allows cannabis oil for the patients that contain less than 0.9% THC. Also, the oil can be manufactured only in the universities and not by any private organization or manufacturers. This oil manufacturing is still a part of a trial. The path of accessing medicinal marijuana was already narrowed in Tennessee; however, by rejecting these three bills, the closed way gets more restricted.

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