Post date: 5/16/2019

Every state in the United States of America is struggling to improve sales and business of Medical Marijuana. Texas is one of those states that keep on establishing new bills to push the house to make some changes in the medical marijuana industry.

In recent times, the Texas House has mentioned about a Bill, namely House Bill 1365 that will include a hand full of qualifying conditions for the patients to consume medical cannabis. If the Bill gets passed fully, then the use of medical marijuana will be broadened, and patients with different types of rare diseases can be adequately treated.

Currently, in Texas, there is only one disease that is allowed to be treated using marijuana-infused medication, intractable epilepsy. If Bill 1365 is passed fully, the doctors will be able to treat conditions like cancer, stress, post-traumatic disorder, chronic diseases and such.

Currently, a patient with intractable epilepsy can consume marijuana with only 0.5% THC and 10% CBD. However, this Bill will help the patients to consume more for a speedy recovery.

What to expect:

  • As mentioned, the Bill will include some dozens of new qualifying conditions for the patients who can use marijuana to treat their diseases. The diseases include cancer, chronic illness, stress disorder, post-traumatic disorder and so on.
  • Also, the limit of consuming THC will be evaluated. According to the health condition of the patients, the limit of THC consumption will be set.
  • A new team will be formed to supervise and revise the THC and the CBD limit for the patients who are going to consume the marijuana medicines for their diseases.

Advantage of the Bill:

It can be expected that if the Bill gets passed, the sales for MMJ will be increased over time. This will undoubtedly lead to growth and development in the industry. As far as financial transactions are concerned, the absence of marijuana banking solutions restricts the increase massively. However, as private companies are providing cannabis merchant services across the USA, it will be easier to transact through cannabis merchant accounts.

Overall, it can be said that this Bill 1365 is another step towards the development of the medical marijuana industry in the United States of America.

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