Post date: 11/5/2018

It seems like Medical Marijuana will finally get legalized by the federal law. The President Trump has stated in his election campaign that he is in favor of legalization of medical marijuana by federal law. Also, the Trump Administration is looking to willing reform the existing cannabis laws across the nation.

The spokesperson, Sen. Rohrabacher has said that the White House is seriously considering the matter of legalizing medical marijuana. They will probably be sitting with the matter right after the election, confirmed by Rohrabacher. Sen Rohrabacher, serving the administration for the last 30 years, is in complete favor of legalizing marijuana in the USA. According to his words, Mr. President is also willing to see federally legalized medical marijuana. However, he will be pleased to leave the matter of adult-use cannabis to the individual states.

Neither Sen. Rohrabacher nor any of the administrative officials know about the reforms yet. According to Rohrabacher, the reforms can include rescheduling or de-scheduling cannabis. Though the authority has no idea about what reforms President Trump has referred to, however, the nation seems to be hopeful about the reforming of cannabis laws.

In the medical industry, marijuana is considered a Schedule 1 medicine. However, some of the medicines, such as Epidiolex have been certified as Schedule 5 medicine. This type of medicine is helpful to treat rare kinds of epilepsy and of diseases that have similar symptoms.

The cannabis industry is one of the rapidly growing industries in the US at this moment. On the contrary, for not being legalized by federal law, the industry is lacking behind in many cases. Most importantly, there are no marijuana banking solutions, except for private merchant accounts. Most of the dealing they make in cash which is leading to the black money market.

It will be much easier for cannabis business owners, patients, dispensaries and clinics to maintain buying and selling required amounts of cannabis if reforms and legalization by federal law take place.


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