Post date: 11/6/2018

When it comes to buying or selling marijuana for medical or recreational purposes, there are lots of rules and regulations one can find in Washington. RCW 69.50 and WAC 314-55 are the regulations that can be followed while working in the Cannabis Industry in Washington. However, there are other ‘unwritten’ tiers of regulations that one must follow in the cannabis industry.

In a recent report, it was stated that cannabis retailers and medical stores are violating regulations while selling the components of medical and are utilizing it for recreational purposes. Hence, the sets of rules have been set for them by the Liquor and Cannabis Board. Along with these rules under WAC 314-55 and RCW 69.50, there are other sets of rules that are said to be unwritten. One, who is selling or involved in retailing cannabis business must follow.

Regulations for security check in the retail shops are one of the examples. Let us suppose a buyer comes to a shop to buy marijuana. He/she has to show their ID at the door to prove whether the person is of age to purchase for recreational or medicinal purposes. Now if the buyer is a minor and he/she would not be able to proceed into the store the current regulation, precisely no violation of rules takes place.

On the other, if the date of the ID gets missed by the security guard at the door and the minor reaches the point of sale, the second part of the security check will be done. Violation of rules will take place here if the minor reaches the point of sale, that is, in the second round of security check.

Although this portion of the law is not written anywhere in regulations by Liquor and Cannabis Board, violations are punishable to all retailer. Also, a license holder of the retailer can be canceled or revoked pending an investigation.

Another example, in this regard, is when an investor purchases any property that has a marijuana business involved with it. According to the LCB rule, if a marijuana business owner wants to co-purchase a land or property that is leased to another marijuana business, the investor along with other co-owners will co-own the marijuana business on that property/land despite the date of license issue for the business.

These sets of rules are mostly unwritten. Violating unwritten rules do not result in the legal notice. However, it can be punishable for the business owners.


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