Post date: 12/21/2018

Cannabis is slowly making its way to be legalized and becoming a regularly farmed in the United States. Recently Washington has given license for the research on cannabis plant and its unidentified elements. This has left laboratories happy as more of the information regarding the use of cannabis will be brought to light..

As the Federal Law does not show any interest in making cannabis legal, the concern is getting increased with each passing time. However, states individually are doing a great job to encourage cannabis plantation and use. Now, the Washington government has issued a license for the research on cannabis and its unidentified components.

According to the rule, any organization or laboratory will not be allowed to grow cannabis plant if they do not use it to produce anything out of it. That means no cannabis can be grown for the purpose of research. Also, the parts that are unused of the cannabis plant should be destroyed. However, now, Verda Bio has received the official license for the research on cannabis from Washington government.

It shows the Verda Bio researchers can grow cannabis for their research on the plants. As of now, researchers have found 21 cannabinoids that are unidentified. Researchers are hopeful after getting the license as they can now find the use of these 21 unidentified components in cannabis.

Verda Bio is the first ever company to work on this process. They have invested two long years previously to work on it, according to the reports. As of now, no other company has applied for this license. It can be assumed that as companies do not know how the Federal Authority will react to it, they are restricting themselves for taking any step. According to Jessica Tonani, The Verda Bio CEO, it is federally illegal to do what they are going to do. So, people are unsure about the federal’s repercussion.

Along with others, the Verda Bio officials are also skeptical about the repercussion of the Federal Officials. However, they are still hopeful that things will change and they will be able to focus on discovering more from the cannabis plants in the future.

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