Post date: 10/11/2018

Washington State leaves no stone unturned to make Marijuana packaging safe for its consumers. Marijuana, in Washington, not only comes with layers of packaging but also it has several barcodes and warning messages written on the packets. The reason behind such safeguards while selling marijuana is the Amendment that was passed recently by the state law. Under this law, it has been clearly said that the packaging and labeling of marijuana will have to be according to the state law.

Container Packaging Rules:
• According to the Amendment WAC-314-55-105, the container must be protected from any of the infected or contaminated substances. Along with that anything which is edible should be kept away from the container as well.
• The containers must be child-protected. That is they should not be accessible to any child or kids. The containers that carry more than one unit or packet of Marijuana should have individual child-protective packaging for each unit.
• If the marijuana comes in liquid form then the container must have measuring cap or anything that measures the unit of the component.

Labeling Rules:
• In case of labeling, there are few Warnings that must be there on the packaging of the Marijuana. the very first thing is a note or Warning statement that looks as follows:

”It may be habit-forming. It will be illegal to consume this outside of the Washington State. It is illegal to operate the motor vehicle under the influence of Marijuana. It may lead to punishment.”

• Washington’s Marijuana Universal Symbol must be printed on the label. Alongside, the business identifying number, UBI number, Traceable identifying number and such must be there on the packet.
• Apart from these, the weight, units, serving (if any), CBD concentration and such details must also be mentioned on the labelling.
• Under the marijuana symbol, ‘Smoking is injurious to health’ statement should be mentioned.
• Method, components, solvents and compounds or chemicals (if any) used in Marijuana or infused products must also be mentioned on the packaging.
• CAUTION about the intoxication time (that is +2 hours) must be mentioned. Apart from that, Marijuana or infused products or edible marijuana is ‘NOT FOR KIDS’. This logo should be there on the package.
• Finally, the container label must have the statement ‘DO NOT EAT’ on the label.

These are the rules for packaging Marijuana in Washington according to the new amendment released namely WAC-314-55-105. The old licensing will be valid until 1st January 2019 while WAC-314-55-105 will be effective forever.

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